Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, is the deepest place of positive energy that I have found in the U.S.  I am not saying there is not a better place for your heart to open or for you to find what you are looking for spiritually.  I have been in more than 40 states and not found a more open place to the deep love my heart is searching for on a daily bases.  I just spent three weeks there in March and found it to be such an amazing place.  I would love to spend more time there as well as begin to give guided tours of the place called Sedona!


It has many vortexes.  The three most powerful ones I found were Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and the Chapel on the Hill, all of which were just amazing.  Here is the definition of a vortex:


1. A spiral motion of fluid within a limited area, especially a whirling mass of water or air that sucks everything near it toward its center.

2. A place or situation regarded as drawing into its center all that surrounds it: "As happened with so many theater actors, he was swept up in the vortex of Hollywood" (New York Times).

1. (Physics / General Physics) a whirling mass or rotary motion in a liquid, gas, flame, etc., such as the spiraling movement of water around a whirlpool.

2. Any activity, situation, or way of life regarded as irresistibly engulfing.

A circular, spiral, or helical motion in a fluid (such as a gas) or the fluid in such a motion.  A vortex often forms around areas of low pressure and attracts the fluid (and the objects moving within it) toward its center.  Tornados are examples of vortexes; vortexes that form around flying objects are a source of turbulence and drag.


To me, a simple way to explain the energy or vortexes in Sedona is like this.  It is like a porthole or wormhole to the Heavens, to the deeply holy and sacredness of life!  So many places in Sedona are just simply very Holy and Sacred.  The energy there in these holy places is very powerful.  It can be used to open your heart in such deep ways and to bring healing on every level!


The Chapel on the hill is not a church but a very Holy site.  It has an amazing energy to heal and help to open one’s heart and soul!  I spent many hours there in prayer and meditation and found such a deep peace.  I broke down weeping many times as I was meditating in the Chapel.  There is a true love there that I have not found in any other Chapel.  There is also a beautiful Eagle that was carved by the natural elements just above the Chapel in the side of the mountain.  It seems to be set as the eternal guardian of the Chapel.  People come and go from all over the world.  I would meet people in town and then later the same day see them at the top of a mountain I chose to climb or I would meet them at the top of the mountain and see them later in a restaurant on the same day.  This happened to me many times while I was there in Sedona.


With Bell Rock, the energy is very uplifting.  It is said that at Bell Rock, the energy is male or masculine, that it empowers you to lift up and stand strong.  I started by spending a lot of time at Bell Rock.  At first I felt, wow, I do not need to go anywhere else!  I climbed all over this Rock as they call it.  It was just amazing.  I would sit and meditate, lay and meditate.  So much happened and I met so many different people there.  I will let all the pictures speak for themselves!


Then, there is Cathedral Rock.  This is the female or feminine vortex!  It is soft and relaxing and draws you down to earth and opens your tender side.  It is a steep climb to the top.  It takes several hours and it is just as steep climbing back down.  This one is not for the weak at heart or lungs!  It can be a climb on your hands and knees at points, but when you reach the top, you have a view from both directions as far as your eyes can see!  It is so deeply powerful that you feel like you can fly like the birds who circle the mountain.  


They call these places rocks, but they are truly a mountain unto themselves!  There is what is called a saddle between the two sides and it is amazing to feel the energy there!  My experiences were simply amazing, so freeing, and the healing that took place in my heart was simply amazing.  A transformation would be the correct word to use for what happened in me!


I will post more pictures as time goes on.  I also took a hot air balloon ride, which was wonderful, until the landing which was very rough.  You ride at your own risk.  They just do not tell you this ahead of time!  They do not want to lose customers!  So here are some pictures of the hot air ride as well!  I hope to see in Sedona on one of our trips.


With a peace to calm your heart and soul!


Bell Rock

Cathedral Rock

Chapel in the Hill

Hot Air Balloon Ride