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This page is a collection of articles I will be sharing on the website as my heart is moved to do so.  They each honestly apply to my own life and experiences in some way.  What we learn and how we grow all comes out in what we teach.  So from my experiences in life, the sufferings, joy and difficulties I face you will find deeply expressed in all that I have to share and give.  I hope you find some help and understanding in these pages.  I hope these heartfelt words will somehow bring deeper understanding and healing to your hearts and souls.

With deep tenderness and love!



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Aaron Pierson
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"You express your feelings so well with great insight to the benefit of others!.....MAY YOUR KINDNESS DANCE AROUND THE EARTH, TOUCHING EVERY SOUL, THEN BE RETURNED TO YOU INCREASE A THOUSAND-FOLD.....T.B.



I have come to see there are many places of the heart we can see and experience life from.  For me, I have come back to being such a child at heart and seeing things from the eyes of a child.  I am simply amazed and fascinated with everything around me.  Then, we have a place like my daughter Rachel.  She is a few days from having her first baby and he will bring such a deep new life to everyone around her and so also deeply to her.  It is when we have our own children that we begin to see and understand our own parents from different eyes!


I have come to Europe, Austria to be exact, in a wonderful time in my life since my heart is so open and childlike again.  I find myself flowing, actually overflowing, with such joy every day.  I am fascinated with all the technology here that I have never seen in the US in over thirty years in the construction field.  They have such simple things here that the US would benefit from on every level.  For me, I see new light switches, new plugs, new doors that also open like windows.  I see new designs of walls, roofs, churches that are six hundred years old, roads that go through a tunnel in an old house.  I think, “Why did they make this for only one car wide?”  My friend said it was made this way for horses!  (LOL)  It is six hundred years old!


The food is different, the way you pay for things is different, and the customs are different.  I am in a completely new world!  Some things I will think, “This is strange”, but it is old Europe and not a modern country that is just over two hundred years old.  You cannot see any structures in the US that are one thousand or two thousand years old!  I have not touched these things before.  My eyes and my heart just light up with all these new sights and information!  I feel so alive with each breath!  Something as simple as a cord you pull inside the house next to a window.  When you pull this cord, it lowers a shade or blind cover over the window on the outside of the house!  In all my years I have not ever seen this.  I just laugh like a child in amazement!


I am reminded of my son when he was little, like almost two years old.  We were living up in the woods of Montana!  We did not have running water so we had an outside toilet; the old style with just a hole in the ground with a small building over it and a toilet lid!  You just do your business and it drops in the hole!  It is simple and it works just wonderful!  There is no need for all the fancy stuff when you live out in the woods.  This works just fine!  He was so happy when he could go to the adult toilet outside.  So was my daughter, when she was big enough to do this!  Well one day we were visiting a friend and my son needed to go to the bathroom.  Now Bob had a new toilet with water and you flush it inside his house!  I was in the kitchen talking to Bob and my son came to me.  Remember, he is only two years old.  He needed to go to the toilet.  He was so surprised Bob had a toilet inside of his house!!  He could not understand why Bob had this in the house and not outside like us!  But this was nothing!  Just a few moments later, he came to me pulling my hand.  He was so excited!  “Daddy, Daddy, come with me.  You have to see this!”  I am like, “See what?”  He just wanted to show me.  His eyes were so big like he had just seen God or an Angel, or like he had just seen a unicorn standing in the bathroom!  I was so amazed at his joy and wondered what in the world he could be so excited about in the bathroom!  So I followed him in there and he went to the toilet!  My beautiful son, he looked at me and said, “Daddy, Daddy, look!  Bob has water in his toilet!!!!!  Daddy look!  If I pull this handle, the water moves out the bottom and disappears!”  He flushed the toilet two or three times to show me.  He just kept saying to begin with, “Look Daddy!  Bob has water in his toilet!”  The innocents of a child, this is what I was so deeply amazed at back then twenty years ago; to see his face and feel his heart!  It was like he just learned to fly and realized he had wings!


Well at fifty-one years old, I have just awakened to my wings and flying around with such joy!  My friend who is taking the pictures of me said, “You are like such a child; your eyes and your face just light up!”  I am telling you, it feels so magical and amazing!  It takes me back to all these moments with my children!  They put electrical plugs up high on the walls here next to a light switch.  I have never seen this before!  I asked “Why do you do this” like a child, but I do not think most people even know why (LOL), so no real answer on this one yet!


I find it difficult to be real serious about much of anything now; just full of laughter and joy!  Sometimes I feel a bit afraid but I just refuse to go to any fear!  Rather I just stay in a place of trust and in the present moment!  I see how the overflowing love and joy is touching everyone I meet and come in contact with!  I worked for so many years to come to this place of freedom, love, joy and presence that to feel so alive, to feel so much love, just to feel the sacredness of life, is simply amazing!


I deeply enjoy food and the simple things.  The food here is wonderful.  The wine is far superior to anything I have ever had or tasted.  The beer is so smooth and delicious!  The food and wine is like seventy-five percent cheaper here than in the US.  I am amazed at the quality of everything here; made to last, made with heart and integrity of their name!  The craftsmanship in everything here is so beautiful to me!  I have this in all I do, to put my heart in it, so I deeply appreciate this in all that I see!  Now I do not miss the negative parts of life here, but to me, they are far less than what I found in my life in the US.


The hearts of the people here are much softer and more open to compassion and love.  The men here are very open and have a tenderness I longed for growing up in the US.  The ladies here, well what can be said for such magical, beautiful flowers that grow all over the world.  Simply, we need to appreciate all these things.  I think we each have a place in the world or more than one place in the world where we will feel alive and whole, where we feel welcome and wanted.  I have felt this here in Austria now and in Japan.  I never felt really wanted, welcome, or at home in the US, not even as a child.  I honestly have just always felt it was not my real home and I did not like it there.  I have been in search of my home all my life.  I think this is part of why I traveled to more than forty different states in the US when I was younger, but it all felt the same to me; kind of empty is the best way to put it.  Have I found my home here?  I do not know yet!  But I have found a place I feel completely alive and free to be me!  Free to be amazed and fascinated with life and watching the water flow down or up!  (LOL)


Like right now, I look out the window and it is snowing.  Before, oh, it was ok.  Now, I feel like I did when I was a child.  I just want to stop writing and go out and stand in the snow!  It looks so beautiful and the pure white color covers everything in such a glow and magical beauty!  I am reminded of when I was a child.  I just loved the movie “Heidi” with Shirley Temple; the beauty of the mountains, the magic of the snow, the beauty of her Grandfather!  How he began with her, he was so hard in his heart!  Then how little Heidi just melted his heart!


My childhood was so painful that my little child inside was lost until I had my children!  Then each one of them melted my heart in a different way!  Each one removed a piece of the walls I had built around my heart!  Each one of my children freed me to love and feel alive again!  If it were not for all five of these beautiful souls I was blessed with in my life, I would not be the tender soul I am today!  I always said my greatest blessing in life was my children.  I still feel this way and my family of heart now includes many other children as well.


I have found joy brings tears at times to too.  I feel sadness and sorrow just as freely.  I do not run from this part of life.  I have found love and pain come hand in hand, so we must be able to feel great pain as well as great love!


I now have no regrets in my life!  I did have one and I have expressed this regret to the soul whom I lost!  I have had to let this go and I have found in life I just focus on the beauty around me and in front of me!  I let go of the pain and sorrow of the past to seek and swim in the love, beauty and compassion found in each moment I take a breath!


May we all find this true freedom to love, to live, to fly and to be truly ALIVE!


With much love!




(Article written 3-9-15)