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Hello Dear Souls,
This page is a collection of articles I will be sharing on the website as my heart is moved to do so.  They each honestly apply to my own life and experiences in some way.  What we learn and how we grow all comes out in what we teach.  So from my experiences in life, the sufferings, joy and difficulties I face, you will find deeply expressed in all that I have to share and give.  I hope you find some help and understanding in these pages.  I hope these heartfelt words will somehow bring deeper understanding and healing to your hearts and souls.
With deep tenderness and love,

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Aaron Pierson
Reader Comments:

"You express your feelings so well with great insight to the benefit of others!.....MAY YOUR KINDNESS DANCE AROUND THE EARTH, TOUCHING EVERY SOUL, THEN BE RETURNED TO YOU INCREASE A THOUSAND-FOLD.....T.B.



By the time this is finished, I will have taken great care to put all of my heart into this piece.  This article is for the purpose of encouraging the heart of my dear sisters out there to be able to just be the magical creatures you were meant to be and then to also help and challenge my dear brothers to step up to the plate as they say and put forth a greater effort to tenderly love, honor and respect this amazing creature we refer to as a woman.  If I could, I would wrap my arms around every woman who is hurting and feels unloved or unwanted in any way and just hold you until you were at peace and deeply melted with the tenderness of true love.


Where do I start?  A woman is simply the most magically beautiful creature that has been created.  Any soul could spend all of this life and many more and still not be able to understand the wonderful but complicated heart of a woman.  Yet at the same time, in many ways, she is simple to really understand if you are able to look at her with eyes of love and compassion!  You could write ten thousand volumes of books on how to love, understand, and care for this magical soul, yet I feel we would only begin to scratch the surface of this deeply complex creation at heart.


I think the #1 thing about a woman’s heart is that she truly wants, needs, and deeply desires to know and feel how special she is on every level and that we, as men, can be completely in love with and pleased with her in every way.  She desires to know we love her so deeply that we have no desire for another soul and that everything about her is simply magical to us as her man.  However, this has to be real to where she can truly feel it from our heart in every way.   It is important to simply and truly love and adore everything about who she is and be able to accept her flaws and love her regardless of any flaws she may have, and to be so tender with her that she just melts no matter what is going on inside of her heart and soul!


In one moment a woman can be soft and ready to melt you with her tenderness, to burn your heart and soul with her fires and passions.  Then, in the next moment, you may not really understand what you have done wrong but her passion may now be turned to burning anger.  However, this too shall pass.  It is these dual sides to a woman that absolutely baffles and frustrates a man until he is beside himself as to what to do or how to understand, “What does this woman want from me?” 


Men tend to look more long term in life and at the effects of the current choices we make.  A woman tends to look more at the current needs and details of today.  What we all have to come to realize in the big picture is that we were designed more to balance each other out!


In the heart of every woman lies a magical little girl who is just fighting to get out, to be seen, to be loved, to be held, to feel the warmth of someone’s arms wrapped so tenderly but tightly around her, for a man to understand the parts of her that she cannot even understand herself.  She wants us my dear brothers to understand her when she is lost and does not understand herself.  She wants to be held when she needs to cry and is afraid, to be left alone when she needs to be left alone, or to be able to be independent when she needs to be independent!  We are to understand all of this without a word being spoken from her lips and here again be a man mature enough to read her heart and know her needs without her words to tell us.  I have learned there are so many times we can love these dear souls so deeply, but sometimes a woman cannot express in words what she really needs from us!


We truly need to love this magical soul on a level so that we, as their true love, can be sensitive to them and know what is going on in the depths of their hearts when they cannot figure out what is happening!  This is a true reality of this unconditional love; that we love them so much, we just know exactly what they need at any given time and they do not need to tell us when to give them a hug, when to bring them flowers, when to whisper “I love you” so softly in their ear, and when to give them a few hours of alone time, not ask them anything!


This lovely soul that dwells inside of each woman is by nature full of contradictions, but aren’t we all?  Men in general can be simpler.  If you ask a man what he wants from his woman, his list may have three to no more than five things on it!  Honestly, my list would be different than most men, but just the same; short and simple.  I think if I was to ask each of you ladies what you would like from your man, it would be a little longer of a list.  Maybe not all of you would have a longer list, but you might.  My point is the true nature of men is much different than that of a woman.


I was primarily raised by four women and was always a deeply sensitive soul.  My energy was more feminine when I was young and now I am a super sensitive soul.  Most of my conversations in life and with people who contact me to talk are possibly 95% women who want a man who understands them and treats them with the utmost tenderness and respect!


Recently, someone shared on a post on Facebook that stated the feminine energy in the planet was rising.  They also shared a little bit of negative input stating, “You men had better watch out.  We women are getting stronger!!”  This is what I really want to address!!  The Feminine energy rising in our planet is not about becoming harder or stronger in a dominant way!  This is what is going wrong in our world and with many women today.  They are choosing to be strong and to be dominant just like the men they do not like!  This is masculine energy, not feminine energy.


As I grew as a young boy, I looked at all the men around me and I knew I did not want to be like any of them!  I was very soft and feminine in my heart and my energy!  True Feminine energy is very tender, gentle, soft, sensitive and healing!!  This, my dear souls, is true strength and it is found in being gentle and kind, not dominate and hard!  I will be the first to say the problem in our world is it has too much masculine energy, but do not confuse true feminine energy with being strong and hard!  This is the problem, not the solution!


What we all have to come to see as men and women is that we have become very hard and are not so tender.  Even those who think they are really tender get deeply challenged when we meet a super gentle soul!  There is way too much masculine energy in the world in both men and women.  We need to work to change this.


The #1 thing I work to share with and impart to every soul that comes across my path is; Let go of being hard and let us work to become tender and gentle!


Women today have been so dominated by men that sadly most have become dominate themselves!  My dear sisters, please know it is ok for you to be a tender, passionate, nurturing woman!  It is ok for you to be gentle, kind, and compassionate!  Sadly, most of the male race today has a long way to catch up to the sensitivity of our dear sisters!  It is this true nature of a woman I feel a real man is longing for!


What is a real man?  This is another book that would take many chapters, but it is not the hard cruel souls that walk and dominate this earth today!  We all have a lot of growing to do, both men and women, but I do know for me personally, I have simply come to adore this magical soul we call a woman!  I have made it my goal to help as many as I possibly can to reach their ultimate awakening so they may become that most magical of souls; a deeply mature, soft, tender, passionate, and compassionate lovely creature we call a woman!


I truly welcome the rising Feminine energy into our world, lives and hearts, but I will also be the first to remind each soul I can that it is not the strong, dominating energy most people confuse it to be!  The true Feminine energy is the one in which there is such a strength of love and compassion that it will melt even the hardest soul with just this tender energy and not a word will be needed!  So please dear souls, let us let go of this truly painful and destructive masculine energy that has taken over so many hearts in our world today!  Let us embrace the deeply Feminine energy with all of our hearts and souls!


With deep tenderness!



(This article was written 7-5-14)

““ A REAL MAN ””


What should a real man be?  How should he act?  How should he express himself?  I can truly only speak for myself and what I have learned, come to see, and desire in my own life, yet I feel there is this deep expression of the male soul that has gone untapped and basically been lost for thousands of years!


We are each male and female, masculine and feminine.  To be truly a balanced soul, we need the love life and expression of both energies in our own hearts!  I have shared before that I was basically raised by four women when I was young, so as a young boy and a young man, I had a deeply feminine energy.  I was so soft and tender, I had no understanding of how to protect myself from all the bullies and dominate souls in this life!  As I started to reach the age of years old, I asked myself, “What should a “REAL MAN BE LIKE??”


I looked at the examples I saw around me and I knew I did not want to be like any of the men I saw.  They were all drunks, cheated on their wives, did not respect their mothers, and did not spend any time with their children.  Some worked and took care of their families and some did not!  It was a complete learning experience to figure out what I should be as a man.  I honestly knew all of what I did not want to be!  I have respect for those men I grew up with, but I just had no desire to follow in their footsteps!


I learned I wanted to be tender with people and women.  This was my number one desire!  I wanted to always be a good father.  I know I was and will always be a good father.  I always want to be sensitive, to listen to someone’s heart, to be able to hold someone when they needed to cry, never to be judgmental, and to be faithful to a woman and give her all of my heart, not just part of it.  I want to be stable and lead in life by a deeply positive example, never compromising the truth of our heart and soul!  I also want to be able to love and be devoted to one woman, not to need to have many women at the same time!  To me this is the deepest part of love, to be able to love one woman for her heart and not need the body of many women.  I also want to be a spiritual leader and not make excuses for immaturity but to always make a diligent effort to grow and become more mature each day!


It is time for us as men to wake up and learn to become the tender balanced souls we were meant to be!  Let us stop making excuses for all our screw ups and let us take our place at the table of compassion and devotion to the healing of the planet and all the hurting souls around us!


Let us work to put down the swords and stop killing others for the profit and gain of self-glorification!  Let us stop killing and hurting others in the name of religion and simply the feeding of the negative side of the Ego!  Let us realize once and for all we are all here to learn to love each other and allow each soul to become the most beautiful soul we can possibly become!


So my dear brothers, let us make no more excuses!  Let us become the true tender love our wives and children so need in their lives!  Let us seek to become the expression of true Divine compassionate love!


Let us awaken to the true and real divine souls we are meant to be!


With divine love to each of you!




(This article was written on 10-06-14)



We each have to walk our path and live our lives.  No one else can do this for us!  I have been asked if I believe in reincarnation!  Well, this is an absolute YES!!  I know I have been on this earth more than a thousand lifetimes.  I am at the point in my life I do not care what people think about me.  I will not live in fear of what people may think as long as I am truly living a life of doing no harm to another soul!  I care deeply about who I am and how I live this life, but I have learned we will never please everyone, and honestly, we will truly please very few when we seek to live with complete compassion!!


This world has become so polarized, it is difficult for people to talk about any subject with respect, peace and harmony!  I simply refuse to be caught in any conflict, but rather to rise above all such things and bring healing in every way possible!


I want to talk to you about Spilt Incarnations today; those souls who have been placed here to learn so quickly and grow so rapidly that they can divide their soul between two or three bodies at the same time.  I know I have come to see for me that I have done this many times throughout the last several thousand years.  I have not talked to anyone about this deeply, only one friend at all.  This is my first article on the subject, so I am also looking for some feedback if anyone has any.  I know of only one other soul that I know of who has done this and been in two bodies at the same time.  She is a very deep and old soul.  I have no doubt about this, for I have come to see several lifetimes, including this one, where I have been in several bodies at the same time.  So for me, I am at complete peace with this.  I think there are many souls who have done this, but I only know of one other than myself!


I feel at this time I have finished my other lives and I am now fully in this one body!  The rapid awakening and growth I am going through is amazing.  I know it is time for all of my energy to be focused in one vessel (body) and all my creative force to be at its fullest ability!  I will not let anyone hold me back any longer, nor will allow anyone to put me under the limitations the rest of humanity chooses to live with!


I also know that as I am choosing to live with all of my power and creative life force, I will then be finally ready to join with the woman who is ready and completely prepared to join me in this life of healing and serving humanity!


Right now I am working on a piece of art work that will be a complete picture of the energy of love and compassion that my soul is working to become.  So dear souls, are you ready to bring forth the light and love that will shift our planet to that of a complete healing vibration?  Who we have been in past lives does make a difference to who we are now!  I know for me, I have been seeking wisdom and enlightenment on the deepest level for thousands of years.  I have been told many times by many different people that I am not from this planet but from a distant Star!  Ok, this is great, but how does it help me to be a mature soul here and now??  How does it help me to be a source of love and healing to other people??  How does this help me to deal with the daily difficulties here and now??


I am not into the Ego or head games of being a big healer or a teacher or anything else!  I just want to find the reality of all things and not buy into the illusions!  I have known many beautiful souls, male and female, that got lost in the pride and arrogance of becoming famous and well known!  This does not interest me!  Only two things really interest me in this life!


The first and foremost is becoming the most compassion loving soul I can possibly become in this lifetime, and then joining with the one Woman who truly has this same goal and who is Divinely destined to walk this life with me, heart to heart, hand in hand, soul to soul!  I know you are reading this.  I know you long to fill with this passionate Divine love just as I do!  So as we release our other lives and enter full force into one body, we will then now have the power and creative force to bring healing to ourselves and all the souls around us!


I did not meet or know myself in the other bodies.  I just know as I have awakened, I see people in history and I know I was this person or that one, but some of them were alive at the same time.  Then I began to see we can divide our soul into several bodies so we can grow more rapidly.  This I feel is very common, and that when we are old and nearing our death in one body, part of our soul will split off and incarnate into a new soul so that we are in the new body as a baby and in the old body we are about to let go!


This I feel is why sometimes people do not feel whole, like a part of them is missing!  I know for me, I still feel this way and I also feel soon this missing part of my heart and soul will return to me.  This to me has nothing to do with soul mates or twin flames.  This is not what I am speaking of here.


So, I would like to ask, do you have any input for me?  Does anyone else see the reality of Split Incarnations in the same lifetimes?  I found this in my own life as a reality.  This is the first time I have ever felt led to share this publicly so I would love to know if others have found this truth and reality in their own lives!


With much passion!



(This article was written 9-29-14)



What is real and true abuse.  An example is when we try to force our opinions and desires onto someone else or when we refuse to let them be the person they really want to be.  This also means if someone wants to do things that are not good or destructive to them, we cannot force them to change.  It is when we try to force someone to be who we want them to be, when we try to control and dominate them, when we try to force our energy into someone else’s life when we have not been invited to do so or when we try to be a bully and make anyone do what we want!


Abuse is not just limited to hitting someone with our fist or venting anger onto them with our words.  Respect is so much deeper than all of this.  It is a deep virtue and energy that flows from our heart and soul.  All my life people have tried to fit me into what they want me to be or force me into this small box which they live in so they can feel safe and comfortable.  Well I refuse to be limited to the shallowness of the world around me.  I want to become the deepest and most compassionate soul I can become in this lifetime.  I want to reach around to people with something real, tangible and that has a power to bring healing to the hurting souls around the world.


Because I do not live my life according to any standard measurements, because I refuse to compromise the integrity of my heart and go along with things people do that everyone knows is wrong and only feeds the ego and selfishness, many close friends in the past and even some of my family have thrown me out with what they see as garbage, simply so they can do as they please in life and not be around me.  Well, this is fine.  We each create our own karma.  I do not want to harm myself, nor do I want to harm anyone else, so a simple way to speak about abuse is this:


If we do anything that harms another living soul, then this is abusive!  The trouble is, when people are selfish and not sensitive to their own heart or to the heart of other people, they have no idea even when they have really hurt someone else!  It also has to do with what we believe in life!


Here is a deep example.  I have recently given up eating meat of any kind as well as not eating any dairy.  I still use butter and just a little cheese, but over time, I will let go of the butter and cheese as well.  I have also had five small pieces of fish the last two and a half months.  Again, I have learned I cannot drop it all at once.  It is a process just like life, but I was heavy into meat and dairy before.  Many people feel it is wrong and a great harm to the world that people eat meat and dairy, that we should all become vegans!  For me when I was younger and at the ranch, I had to take the life of many animals for food!  I always hated to do this and I felt the soul of each animal leave and the great sacrifice they made to feed us.  I do not feel I could ever take the life of an animal for food again.  But here also is my reality.  I do not feel it is for me to force this lifestyle on anyone else at all.  If we choose to live as a vegan, then this is our choice.  But if we judge and condemn people who eat meat and dairy products, then we lack the love and wisdom to know the simple fact of doing no harm as a real quality in our hearts!


On Facebook I see many things like this to try to make people feel bad for eating meat and dairy products.  For me, I felt this was the next step in my spiritual life, to stop eating meat and dairy.  I do not want to be a part of hurting something so I can eat, but also, my body was not digesting meat and dairy well at all.  I listened to my body and my heart.  We can educate people on any subject.  We can share how we feel about life and what we feel is harmful to people or animals, but we have to take great care not to judge and condemn others for not agreeing with our own personal beliefs and choices!


I have learned to allow people to be free to choose what they want in life, even if I do not agree with them at all.  I can still love and be around them, but I ask for this same honor and respect!  Just let me be me.  Do not try to change me or force me to feel and believe the way you do!  Allow me the same freedom you desire to be allowed to be yourself and live the way you desire as long as we do no harm to other people.


As we evolve as human beings, we will see more and more ways we do harm to other souls!  Will the entire planet become vegan and stop eating meat and dairy?  Not likely!  Do I feel it is healthier for people?  Well, I know it is for me!!  This is my point.  We have become so polarized in the world that people would rather fight about their beliefs than just live life and set a good example for other people to see.  In other words, if more people would just live what they talk about instead of talking so much, then we would see the example of the expression of love and compassion!


To sum up this whole article and my life, what I really try to share with my expression could be summed up in these few words:


It is easy to say I love you, or we should not eat meat, or we should not be unkind to people.  It is easy to say anything!  But empty words mean nothing!  Prove it to me in your actions and attitudes!!  For me, I first learn to live the truths and virtues in my life so they are real before I say anything with my mouth!


Let us each become the expression of passion and compassion!  Let us each lead in life by the virtue of a true expression of what we desire to see in this world of a positive change!  This will remove the abusive patterns and energy from our lives and the world around us!


Let us live with Virtue and be the expression of love, truth and integrity!




(This article was written 9-25-14)



I have seen so many times in life people just say whatever they want and speak their heart completely as we did when we were children!  There is, I feel, a place for this in life, yet for me, I continually feel myself being constrained by a greater wisdom not to say exactly what I want to for many reasons.  So many times, it is not time to speak the words so close to my tongue.  My point and focus in life in any given situation is to bring resolve, healing and closure so each party can grow, heal and mature.  It is never about me just being able to say what is on my mind or in my heart.  There are times I get the freedom to say exactly what I desire to say, but never to hurt or harm another soul.


I have two friends I can be completely open with.  It is so freeing when we can just completely be ourselves and share what we really want to say with tenderness and love.  I recently have spent three months writing a letter to a friend to express my heart to them over some things I would like to see change in our relationship together.  I took this time for me to mature and for my words to be clear, but mainly to hopefully bring healing to the situation so we can both be completely happy with our situation together.  Honestly, I do not know too many people who would put such time and effort into a relationship like this.


I also have someone who I care for so deeply, but I cannot express the depth of my love or desires simply due to the fact they are not in the same frame of life as I am at this time.  So in this situation, I find it is wisdom just to let go and allow time and life to have a free flow with this important friendship, yet I so wish I could say how I feel and just let everything be completely open.  But again, it is not about always being able to say and do as I please.  It is about respecting the natural flow of the Divine, which is where wisdom comes in!  Sometimes we simply do not know what we should do.  I have learned many times in this case it is better to have patience and just wait than it is to press forward and force things to hurt or offend some one unnecessarily.


I had a person from my past write me almost a year ago and ask me several questions about my life and why I did certain things and what my beliefs are in certain areas.  Their letter was lined with a lot of conflict from their own heart.  I did not know how to answer honestly without causing more conflict.  What I desired was to bring healing between this soul and myself, but honestly, I lacked the maturity until just last week to answer with just love and compassion so I just waited until I could send a compassionate response.  I had let them know I did not have any answers and could not respond, but I had not forgotten about it.  I just gave it all time to heal.


Even now I have not had that many new articles to share.  I have been going through so much INTENSE growth myself that I have found it difficult to put anything into words to share.  I have been working so deeply to manifest the energy in my life to truly be free, to not to be afraid of anything or to allow anyone to take my space or my heart energy as I learn to maintain proper boundaries with people and encourage others to respect me as I am learning to respect myself.  To truly learn to set healthy boundaries in life and to truly respect ourselves is a great accomplishment.  Many times we fail to do this and get hurt by other people.  It is then we want to get upset with others and blame them for our own pain when in reality we allowed the situation to come to the point of conflict and pain.


This is another reason to take the time to learn the constraints of Wisdom.  Many times the conflict has been created by unresolved pain within our own soul.  Once we clear this pain in our own heart and allow our heart to heal, then we will stop allowing these negative situations to manifest in our daily lives.


I think the best way to say this is the following:


Let each of us take the time to do the work needed in our own heart.  It is then we can reach out to other people and we will bring a love with us that will give others a choice to heal as well.  If we go with frustration, irritation or anger into any situation, how can we expect to have positive results that can truly benefit everyone?


We have to make the effort to heal our own heart, to respect ourselves, and to live from this place of awakened consciousness!


Seeking the freedom to live openly with love,



(This article was written 9-4-14)
"The Language of The Heart"

Hear if we can the language of our own heart!  For many years now, I have worked to understand myself!  Part of this process has been learning to continually wake up to that deeper connection to my own heart and soul as well as to the Divine.  As I have grown, I have also come to see there is this way in which I see things of the spiritual world, the things of the heart, and the future.  I tend to see things very clearly.  Sometimes I see so much at a time that I cannot make any sense of all of it.  Then there are other times I try to share something from my heart with someone else.  I go through this deep process of translating it from what I see in my heart to putting it into English words for someone else to see and understand.


I have had someone translating one of my books into German.  I have felt and watched what she has gone through to put my heart and energy into the translation of the book.  It has helped me to understand myself more deeply in the process.  I have come to see that I have this language deep in my heart and soul.  It is something different than I feel with any other language, something possibly from another time or from something else.  All I know is that it takes me a lot to put it into English to share with other people.  At times it also takes me time to understand what I am seeing in the spiritual world or my heart.


I often wonder if anyone else has this experience in life.  It can be frustrating at times, wanting to share something with a friend or even in my articles and books.  Over many years I have gone through this.  I have simply learned to dig deep inside and work to share what I want to share.  It seems I am always on some level going through this deep process of translation from the Language of my heart to a spoken and written Language of English for other people, and sometimes myself as well.


I have not ever met anyone who could completely understand me or who speaks this same Language of the heart.  Recently, I was blessed to share a lot of time with a new friend.  We talked for hours each day.  This went on for weeks, actually two months.  Over this time period as my friend shared their heart with me, I found we completely agreed with everything in life.  As they shared with me for these many hours, no matter the subject, I not only agreed with them, but I agreed 100% with everything they shared.  It just went on and on like this week after week.  There was a perfect harmony between us in every way and on every level I could find.


I have this kind of friendship with two other people.  One has known me for all fifty years of my life and one for twenty years now.  This is from many years of knowing each other.  This new friend it is completely different.  It is like we have known each other for many lifetimes, so when we feel so different than other people and seem to have this language of the heart and soul that is different from the language we speak in this world, it makes it hard to relate to things here as well as to fit into this world on so many levels!


Even now, I find I am going through such deep shiftings; some I am focusing on to accomplish, others are just happing naturally.  I also find that so much in life is about letting go and not hanging onto or attaching to anything or anyone, which is the opposite it seems of our human nature!  At the moment, I find myself working to release all things in life on a completely different deeper and new level. At the same time working to manifest the things I both need and desire in life.


It does seem to me it all circles around me more deeply learning this Unknown language of my heart!


Forever the child and student!



(This article was written 9-1-14)



It is time we shift to a higher vibration of purity, which brings with it true Divine love, compassion, healing and the wisdom to know the difference!


What I have seen for years now are many couples together and simply miserable, not happy at all.  They have grown apart and have no real connection anymore, yet they just stay together in their misery!  Then, you have a lot of old souls who are still choosing to stay with a baby soul, which is more like a child to them than any kind of partner.  In this relationship, the old soul is carrying the relationship.  Old souls do this because they feel the need to be in control, the need to be in the position of the parent, or they do not love themselves enough to finish this karma.  For me, it was not being mature enough to know how to love myself and give myself permission to be in a good and completely healthy relationship!!


We need to look at why we choose to stay with someone who is not even close to being an equal to our heart or close to being in the same vibration!  I shared it like this with a friend recently.  Let’s say I am a dove and I am in a relationship with a bear!  Well honestly, this does not work very well.  Or say you are a lion and married to a horse.  Again, this does not work well.  We have to open our hearts to the place of finding the same kind of soul as we are.  It simply does not work to be in a relationship with another breed of animal!! (LOL)


Here is something to think about for those of you who like to be in control.  When we meet our equal, we will have to treat them with deep respect and learn to flow with their soul!  It is not about one of us being in charge or in complete control!  Those days are over when it comes to true passionate love!  It is about equal respect, passion, and seeing each other for who we really are, not projecting onto someone what and who you want them to be!


So why do you stay when you find nothing but misery??


Why do you keep living in the cycle of abuse when there is love waiting for you just around the corner??


This is about you and me!  We have to clear this energy in our lives and not be afraid to take a chance and step up to go out of our comfort zone and take a leap of faith to get what we want in life, choosing not to live as a weak cowardly soul and blame everything in our life on someone else!


I am speaking to myself here as much as anyone else!  It has taken GREAT COURAGE for me to follow my heart!  There are times now I am so happy it is just magical and amazing!  I am learning to stay in this place more and more within my own soul!  This has nothing to do with other people but everything to do with clearing my own energy and living with a pure heart.  I am choosing not to judge anyone else or project my desires onto anyone else but to allow everyone to choose their own path no matter how much it may hurt me.


I was talking to my Aunt tonight on Skype!  I was so happy, smiling, and relaxed my Aunt asked me what I had been drinking!! (LOL - only ice tea!)  She thought I was a little drunk from wine or beer!  I told her honestly, I am just drunk with love!!


It is our choice in life we can stay stuck in the misery or if we take complete responsibility for ourselves, work to clear our karma, clear our pain, heal and find this truly magical place in life to be drunk on love!!


With much love!



(This article was written 8-14-14)



We have just had the first hurricane in twenty-two years pass through the Hawaiian Islands!  It has been a perfect teacher for me in so many ways.  My life has from day one been so much like this powerful Hurricane.  I know this is not just my life but many people have experienced this.  So what do we do?  How do we not only survive these powerful storms, but become stronger, wiser, more mature, and tougher through the entire sorrow and heartache?  How do we turn this all to good in our life and then turn around and help to teach other people to do the same?


As we experienced this Hurricane here, I kept thinking about how the eye of the storm is so peaceful.  I have a friend here who was very scared.  I prayed for her to have comfort and to not be afraid all night as the storm came.  When I talked with her the next day, she told me nothing happened at her house; no winds, no rain, nothing!  She lives just a few miles from me!  I was very happy to hear this, but she could not believe we even had a storm until she talked to more people!  I told her it was rocking at my place with heavy rain and heavy winds all night!  She said it was just hard to believe since she had no storm at all!


This is what got me to think so deeply about the eye of the storm.  This is that place in life of us gaining a perfect harmony with nature, God and the world around us, one in which we do not attach to people or things in life but we allow all things and all people to flow in and out of our lives naturally!  By doing this, no matter what is happening around us or inside of us, we will not allow fear or our Ego to take over in any way!  We will choose to stay grounded and in a deep place of balance and harmony with the flow of life and release any fears or insecurities!  We may find everything around us falling apart or we may be losing everyone that matters to us in this life, but we refuse to allow it to take away our peace and our balance.  In other words, we truly become unshakable!!  We become the rock in which nothing can move us to fear, worry or doubt!


As I have had so much time alone these past three years now, especially the last year being completely alone, I have had time to heal, time to clear my own weaknesses, to clear my past karma and pain!  This has helped me to also be able to learn to stay in my center, not allowing what other people say or do to cause me to despair or struggle with life but rather just take to heart the deep lessons I am to learn as I go along.


Life is truly like a long, huge river.  There are points it is calm and moving slowly.  We can really enjoy all we see.  Then there are times when we are moving downs the rapids and it is extremely rough.  At this point, we think to ourselves, “How can it get any worse than this?  How can I take any more pain?”  Then we look just ahead of us and we see there is a huge waterfall coming!!!  We just want to die from the deep despair!!  We fall down the waterfalls and crash so painfully at the bottom, but then as we let go and continue to flow with all of it, we float into this amazingly beautiful lagoon!  There we are given a time to rest and heal!  Then it seems the process starts all over again!


If we are able to let go and take to heart all the wisdom that comes with life and embrace all the painful lessons as we go and learn from them, we can then learn to stay in balance, living within the eye of the storm!  We learn to move with the storms of life and not fight against them.  The storms are there to teach us and mature us no matter what form the storm may take!


Even now as I write this, I am going through some really deep painful storms and many changes in my life, but I am more and more working to just let go and let it all flow.  I just lost some very close friends due to the shifts taking place in my life.  It is painful the way it has taken place, but it is further cleansing the energy in my life as well making room for more pure love and compassionate relationships I truly desire!


So jump into the river let go and just let life flow!  Learn to live in the EYE of the storm and not fight the flow of the storms in life!  We must learn to let go and embrace the difficult lessons allowing the storms to bring the shaking needed to purify our energy and our life!


With a new light!




(This article was written 8-10-14)




As a human race, we have come to the point of a great birthing!  For thousands of years, we have had a body!  We have had a brain!  We have created a technological world that has everything a human being could want or desire as far as comforts of the material world for the mind and body.  We just keep creating more and more to make our bodies comfortable and to continue to feed this illusion that material wealth will make us happy!


We can compare this to the birth of a baby!  The head has crowned, now we are waiting on the shoulders to come forth!  Once the shoulders come out, the baby basically shoots out like it is running to be free!  We as a human race we are waiting for the shoulders to come out!  We have so much to feed our minds.  We have a soul.  We have a body.  So what is it we really lack in this world??  What are people lacking so deeply that most of humanity is feeling so empty that we have to start wars to take what someone else has?  It is this emptiness inside of people that is causing such a void that no matter what is gained, taken, or given to a soul, even by force, the souls still feels so deeply empty?


Humanity as a whole is honestly still in diapers, daily having to be changed and cleaned due to getting their diapers dirty!  As a whole, the human race is still in an infant stage, not yet having gained enough maturity to stop fighting over toys!  There are a few people who have made it to second grade in the school of life, a handful who are in third grade, and still less who have grown into the maturity of a fourth grade child!  I feel that I include myself into this as well!  We need to stop thinking so highly of ourselves, thinking that we have graduated college and we are such a wise bunch of people, for truly we are not!  If we were so wise, we would not poison our oceans, our air, and our planet!  We would not stand by while thousands of people are killed over religion and greed!


My friends, I ask you, is it that we still live in the dark ages where people are killed because they do not believe as you or I?  It is time we put aside the childish behavior of measuring people by religion, by country, by education, by wealth or lack of it!  It is time that we grow up and see what we need in life and what we are lacking!


What we are missing?  What do we really need?  What have we yet to gain?  As a human race, we are in the “BIRTHING OF THE HEART.”  We lack compassion!  We lack humility!  We lack tenderness!  We lack all the virtues of the heart, simply and plainly!  I do see a few souls waking up!  But as they begin to wake up, they think they now see all the beautiful things to come, but fail to see their whole foundation in life is based on the ideas of the mind and material world and not of the heart and soul from the depths of Divine compassion and love!


I can promise you my dear friends, if you gain all the wealth of the world, all the knowledge of the mind and you lack the love and compassion of the heart, you will be found so void and empty!  It is sad that we are so arrogant that we each have to learn this lesson on our own!  The things of the material world and wealth will not make you happy!  We have this great deep hole in our souls that can never be filled from outside sources!  It has to be filled from within our own heart and soul!  We have to find this connection to the Divine love and compassion!  Each of us have to experience this great awakening and birthing in ourselves.  We have to have the birthing of the Heart!  Without this true birthing of our heart, we will walk this earth, breathe this air, and die to return to the dirt!  But we will never have lived.  We will have never been truly alive to feel the heartbeat of this life, the heartbeat of this planet, the heartbeat of the trees, the animals, the wind, and the ocean, for everything on this planet is living with a heartbeat!


Can you see me?  Can you feel me?  Can you hear me?  Can you feel my heartbeat?  Can you feel the heartbeat of the soul next to you or the animal you just walked by?  Can you feel the blood running through the veins of this planet we live on?  Can you hear the voice of this planet crying out to each of us to wake up, to receive the heart of true compassion, which will bring healing to ourselves, the animals, and our planet!!!?


We are in the Birthing pains of the Heart!!!  This is what we lack as a human race; the HEART of love and compassion!!


Seeking a deeper heart!



(This article was written July 2014)



As we dream, we each dream of an amazing love!  It is so true.  If we just do not give up!  As a man, I dream of this amazing princess, a sweet little girl of heart and soul!  I know she is so near to my heart and soul!  Soon we will be side by side but today I would like to talk to you, my dear sisters!


Many of you tell of your sweet and deep desires of this beautiful and amazing man!  You can tell your mom about him!  You can wrap your arms around him!  Well dear soul, let’s just call him Blazing Buck, full of the fires of true love’s soul!!  One day, if you keep your heart true and do not give up and yet at the same time let go and do not try to control, then Mr. Blazing Buck will set your heart on fire when you least expect him!  Set your soul free to just love!


When you have given up and think true love is lost, oh how the fire of his heart and soul will just set you free to ride along with Blazing Buck as he sets the fires to blaze deep in your heart and soul!


Since I was a boy, I have always believed and been waiting for my sweet princess!  I know she is close to me!  Many of you dear sisters have shared how deeply you long for this same love!


I call him Blazing Buck for many reasons, but you have to open your heart to this love.  I know that burns like the Blazing flares of the sun!  I feel this same burning desire in so many of your hearts for this same love I know and long to share!


I have one dear sister soul who Blazing Buck will soon make her weak in the knees and make her feel like a little girl again!  With each of you who long for this, what you must know is it is the little girl in you who will be able to love this amazing soul, your sweet tender Blazing Buck!!


So my dear sisters, just as you feel in me this tender love, let go of all the pain, let go of the past!  Just be a little girl.  For me, this is all I know, to just be a pure little boy and love from the heart of a child!  Love is all that matters.  The rest is all garbage to take out!


For my one dear sister, I have been telling you now for five years your dear Blazing Buck is coming, so get your dress ready and polish your shoes!  Put on your sweet perfume and be ready for surely he will set your soul on fire and your heart to burn with the fires and passionate desires of true love!


For all the rest of you my dear sister souls, we must give this deep tender love we desire!  We cannot be hard!  We cannot be tough!  We just have to love and let go of all the rest!  Soon the flames of true love will burn deep in our hearts and souls!!  Just simply forget all the rest!


Wishing each of you, my dear sister souls, that soon your heart will burn with deep fires of passion and you will find yourself at rest in the arms of your dear Blazing Buck!


Just for you my dear soul, you know who you are!  Be ready.  The time is near!  Your Blazing buck is near to your heart and soul!!  His eyes will burn holes deep into your soul!


With all my love, wishing each of you my dear sisters the fires and desires of true love’s soul that will burn holes of passion and desire deep into your souls!!




(This article was written July 2014)




The reasons we have so many problems in our lives and in the world around us are simple.  We are living “MY WAY” AND “YOUR WAY”, not honoring or giving space for GOD’S WAY ~ THE DIVINE UNIVERSAL PLAN!!  Then where I have found and see this just magical way of life has been for the last thirty years, I have been seeking God’s way in my life.  Now after so much work on my part and so much work and help on God’s part, my heart is opening to this simply magical way of living!  When I say “my way” of life, I am speaking of you or me living our lives the exact way we want from a selfish stand point, not caring about anything or anyone else!  Then when we try to work with other people, this is the “your way” of life point!  For example, two people come together in life and then there is this battle between these two souls as to how to live life “my way” or “your way!”


When I was young I was taught as most of us are that we have to make a plan for our lives.  This is the first step down the wrong path.  We are not taught as young children to meditate, pray, and seek wisdom or any kind of spiritual balance in life.  We are taught to get, gain, and gather unto ourselves all the riches we possibly can and that the education of the mind is the #1 important thing to do.  Wrong!  It is the education of the heart that is so deeply important!  If I had to choose between going to school to educate my mind like everyone else or giving up everything in life to know God and to live with compassion and true love, oh my friends, it is an easy choice for me!  This Magical life I know is found in divine love and compassionate living from the heart!  I have had all the trappings of wealth and comforts of life.  They did not make me happy and did not fill the huge whole in my heart even a little bit!


The reality is it is not what we get, gain and gather in life that matters!  It is who we become that matters!  When I was young, I wanted to be a professional tennis player!  I was good and I had the focus and heart to do this.  Then one night, I cut my hand and cut a tendon to my finger in half.  This was the end of that dream.  I tried college but that was not for me so I started my own company at age nineteen.  From there, I just followed my path not even knowing I was following anything until around the age of twenty-three.  This age is when I really woke up and my life changed completely!


I think ninety-nine percent of the pain we suffer in life is due to the fact that all of us are so stubborn in our own egos that we spend most or all of our lives swimming upstream, fighting everything in the natural flow of life and our personal lives, that we cause so much of our own suffering all the time, blaming life and everyone else for all the problems we have created!


When we live from “my way” or “your way”, we make all the plans for our lives and then demand God, Spirit or Universe to bless our plans, whoever you believe is your guide, instead of asking the Divine to guide us in our plans and ask the Divine to help us follow the universal plans for our lives!  For example, you meet someone you want to marry.  For me, the first thing I would do is seek for wisdom and guidance as to how this is supposed to happen, what is the Divine plan?  I would not be following man’s tradition, ideas or opinions of how I should do my wedding, yet most people just want to follow these old patterns and traditions that really have not worked out too well in reality or simply no longer apply to what the Divine plan is for our lives!  People put so much effort and energy into the wedding and then fail to put this same great effort into the marriage, soon ending up divorced and continuing to repeat the same pattern the rest of their lives!  My deep point friends is that it is not about the wedding, it is about the marriage!  It is not about focusing on the destination; it is about living in the journey!!


If we look around us in the world at all the wars, crimes, and disrespect of human life, this is all a result of people living “my way” or “your way” from a selfish point of view from either side.  For some reason, when people email me and talk to me, they seem to feel the need to tell me how humble and broken they are, that they are just a simple humble soul living a simple humble life.  Honestly, I have not ever met anyone in this lifetime that was humble or broken.  I have yet to meet anyone who has any real understanding of what this means, to live a humble and simple life.  Having been deeply broken by all the things in my life very deeply, I myself make no claim to be humble.  I do claim to know and I seek this virtue of humility each day as I take each breath.  I do know a great deal about brokenness because the Divine has chosen to make this a great part of my experience!  Now at fifty years old, after years of so many times of trying to find what I am to do in my life, I finally feel I know my purpose; simply to serve and help others to find this Divine path of compassion through seeking humility to be a true part of who we are and to acknowledge the Divine in everything we do in life BEFORE we do anything, not after!


We need to not live life from the point of view where everything has to be my way, the way I want things, but to truly surrender to God, the Divine, in all we do!  For me, it is about seeking to help as many people as I possibly can to shift from living just for self alone to the place of compassion where we are here to serve humanity on every level.  We can shift this life, this world, to a place of healing energy instead of the destruction that we see at this present time!  It will not be until we, each one of us, begin to see the negative destruction our world and planet is in that we will take this seriously and see we need to change completely as a human race!  This begins with you and me one person at a time.  We will then be able to turn and help others to wake up!  Then, one day soon, it will begin to spread like a wild fire!!


Take off all the masks.  Stop pretending to be kind when you are angry!  Stop pretending to care when you could care less about anything but yourself and what you want!  Stop telling people how much you love them with just empty words!!  Start proving your love daily for other souls by your actions!  Empty words mean nothing without some action to bring these words to life!!  Life is not a game to be taken lightly!


Life is a creation of this beautiful, magical love between two souls, and then this spreads and grows and brings healing to everything around us!!  This is the most magical part of life to me, when someone comes to me for help in such deep pain, and a few hours later, most of the time getting to see such a shift in their energy to where they are like a little child so full of this magical love and joy!


With Simply Magical Love!



(This article was written July 2014)



This is a really deep subject for me!  I am very old fashioned and very old school in my thoughts and my ways.  I think a lot of our modern world and our modern ways need to be taken to the nearest trash can or dumpster and discarded for what it is; garbage!  The world calls it progress, freedom, independence, but we cannot have a world without Honesty, Honor and Integrity!


I know all the ladies will agree with me.  It is nice to find a gentleman who will open your car door for you, bring you flowers to show he cares for you, cook you a nice dinner, make you a bubble bath and then let you enjoy it in peace, to send you love notes, to leave them on your pillow, or to get deeply lost in the beauty of your eyes!  That chivalry is not dead, not gone, just temporally misplaced!


I was mostly raised by a very old fashioned grandmother.  She was as hard as nails when she needed to be, but as soft as a rose when she could be.  She took more children into her home to raise than she ever gave birth to, and I promise you, each boy was a better man for having her to teach us!  One thing grandma taught me is that you got married for love and no other reason!!  I learned from her that a woman was to be treated with respect and to be treated as a lady.  My own heart has always felt a woman is like a rose who should be loved and cared for with deep tenderness, to be adored and allowed to grow to be the most beautiful soul she can be, and at the same time, we should not try to dominate each other; not the man or the woman!  So be “Gentlemen” and “Gentle-ladies!”


There is only one reason two people should be together or get married and that is because they love each other, because there is such a deep connection between them in the heart and soul to where nothing else matters!  Well we probably all agree that we as men need to have some lessons on how to treat a woman with the greatest honor!  At the same time, our world has changed and there is way too much dominate masculine energy!!  There has to be a huge shift back to the female energy!!


For me, I desire nothing more or greater than to find one woman who will put love and compassion first above all else and has at least close to the tenderness and sensitive energy that I have.  So much of what my grandmother taught me is gone in our modern world but it is not lost as along as a few of us refuse to give up what we know to be of great value!


I have experienced something several times now.  I have been rejected by several ladies that I came to love very deeply.  I came to find we had very different priorities; mine to be comfortable in life and seek to help people to heal and spread compassion far and wide!  I know the money I need in life will come when I need it, but I will not make my priority seeking the wealth of the material world.  I already know and have learned that this will not make anyone happy, yet I have found for some reason a great shift in our world where with many ladies now, if we cannot hand some women all the money they want, then we are not good material for marriage!  I know this is not every woman, but I have had this experience more than once now where I was being discarded as unwanted trash over not rolling in cash!


This is deeply painful when you have the riches of the heart and soul but the world is teaching more and more that is of no value and that you must have a lot of money to be loved and to get married!!  I will be honest.  I do not care if a woman has no money, no education, and no material wealth.  All I want is a woman with a heart and soul that is filled with such tender love and she values this above all else!


I also know if we find a soul who is from a different country, we will have differences in our cultures to work past.  We must each realize not everything in our personal cultures is good and not everything is bad.  For example, here in the U.S., there is not near as much good as people from other countries may think, nor is everything bad.  It is the same for all of us.  I just know for me, when a woman tells me, you must buy me this, or give me this much money so we can get married, you just lost me!  I will not base love or marriage on anything but love and the deep connection of the heart!  I also will not allow anyone to do this to me either or to put me down because I am not the rich American man.  Love must come first and then we can work on the rest.  It is simply an illusion on every level that having great wealth will make anyone happy!


I have been introduced to some very wealthy women in my life, even recently!  But to be honest, I look at a person’s heart.  I look at them just the same as a woman who is a waitress, maid or any other profession!  I am the same with any man who desires to be my friend.  It is only a person’s heart that matters to me!  Do you live with honesty, honor, integrity, compassion, and such virtues?  I know a woman that I think is just amazing and beautiful.  She is also very wealthy.  I feel deeply for her for I am sure this is what most men desire to be with her for; the money.  I honestly know it feels horrible when someone may love you to a degree, but what they really want is for you to just take care of them with money and things.  I have not ever experienced this until the last few years.


So here is reality!!  I know this type of thought and ideas are not new.  They are as old as time!  But this is one for the garbage can; to measure people by their money or lack of it!!  We have to learn to look at people’s hearts and love each other for WHO we are and not what we have or do not have.  I know it hurt me very deeply to be told I cannot be with you or marry you because you do not have enough money to take care of me the way I want to live!  This was so unbelievable to me.  I really did not know people like this were a reality, that they even existed!  Now I find I have some healing to do in this area but I just want to share this for everyone to think about!  We can always work together in life to create more income as needed, but to reject true deep love and compassion with another soul simply because they are not filthy rich is just insane to me, beyond any value of the heart and soul!


Let us make this part of the shift as well to look at people’s hearts and souls, not their bank account!!


With a heart to give full of love!



(This article was written July 2014)




I hope I can do justice with this one!!  We live in a world full of anger and arrogance.  People are like ticking time bombs just waiting to explode with some so arrogant that no one can tell them anything or even help them to let this anger go.  When we look at the roots of all of this and the issues that bring us to such deep anger in one’s soul, we then find the freedom to let it all go.  But first, we must be willing to be honest about who we are and why we are so angry!  Now if a soul is deeply arrogant as well, then we just have to send them lots of love and allow life’s journey to break down the walls of pride they have built around their life and heart.


I can speak for myself.  I used to be very angry when I was younger.  The main root of this was all the abuse I suffered as a child, from bullies beating me up, to sexual and extreme mental abuse from other people.  I have resolved all of this by seeking to humble myself, learn from life, Divine love and compassion.  I have also learned how to put a stop to other people abusing me!  Then going deeper, I learned that negative energy such as anger and hate are the root cause of all illness and disease such as cancer, heart trouble, you name it; the root is all found in the negative energy stored in our bodies, hearts and souls.


When working with anyone to help them to heal of anything wrong in their lives and bodies, this is the first place I go to look; deep into their heart and soul and seek the root causes of what is wrong.  I have never seen someone fail to heal when they are willing to shift their energy and let these negative things go.  This includes me as well.  Anger is like toxic waste.  It must be disposed of properly or it will make us deeply and deathly ill!  Anger has become so acceptable in our world today like it is a necessary part of life, which I can promise you, it is not a healthy or necessary part of our lives!  It is a product of our own immature souls!  It is the same with arrogance.  It is this energy that creates all the problems in our world today!  If we would focus to rid our lives and our world of just these two negative energies, the rest would follow!


Ok, how do we do this?  First we acknowledge that they are negative and create nothing but pain and sorrow for anyone!  We then turn to the source that will heal us and free us of all such toxic waste; love, compassion, humility, mercy, and let us remember forgiveness!  When we come to cherish such virtues of the heart and Divine above all else, we will then become souls with such healing power!  Our planet and all the creations that share it need one thing above all else to heal; simple, true, compassionate love!  Nothing has more healing power than pure, true compassion and love!


Be honest.  When we look in the mirror, do we have the humility where even a child can speak words of wisdom to us and we will hear it?  Or, are we so arrogant that no one can tell us anything?  Do we say, “Oh, these people do not know what they are talking about!  I am not angry.  I am not arrogant!”  For me, I know life is like peeling an onion one layer at a time!  Many times I have thought, “Wow, I am finally free of anger.  I feel so good!”  Then, something very painful will happen.  Someone who I love deeply will hurt me and reject me.  Things do not go the way I want them too, then I feel this anger wanting to creep up inside of me!  Then, I simply say no, I will not go there, and I work to expel any residue of anger from my heart and soul!  I refuse to allow this to hurt myself or anyone else in my life!  It is of the utmost importance to me to be a soul who will “DO NO HARM.”


To make the point of how toxic anger can be, I will share an example.  My dear mother was such a deeply angry soul!  She had stage four cancer and I was working with her to help her to heal.  There is much more to this story but this is a brief account!  I am just me all the time so I told her, “Mom, your cancer is your anger!  If you will release your anger, your cancer will be gone!”  She really took this to heart for the first time.  I could feel her walls come down and she listened with her heart!  She went to the doctor three days later and her cancer was gone, “0”.  Ok, now here is the deeper point I had to share with her.  I told her, “Mom, if you let the anger come back into your heart, the cancer will return even stronger!”  For two months she stayed in love and peace but then she began to get angry again.  This was all she knew most of her life!  She passed away one month later, so for me, all of this has been up close and a deep personal lesson to teach me the power of dark negative energy and what it can do to the human body!  This is just one case of 1,000, but it was my Mother so it drove the point home in my heart so very deeply!


However, through all of this, I have also learned how much more powerful Love, compassion, humility and forgiveness are to healing the human body heart and soul!  As we shift from hate, anger and arrogance to that of love, compassion, humility and forgiveness, we will each see some amazing changes in our lives and the world around us!  We have no one to blame for anything in our lives for we each truly have the power to change our lives and walk away from the toxic waste in the world around us!  Let us begin with just a little each day and see how amazing love and compassion can truly be!


With a devotion to compassionate change in our hearts and the world around us!



(This article was written June 2014)



I have come to see in my own life that it is very true when it has been said, “Blessed are the poor.  Blessed are the meek in heart.”


As a child I got to see both worlds; one of great wealth with my father and mother and one of being very poor with my grandmother!  Now here is the difference I learned as a child.  My grandmother was always happy.  Yes, she worried about money sometimes, but it was not that big of a deal.  Somehow she always had what she needed in life!  She took care of all my cousins and me all the time.  We did not know she was poor or we were poor.  We were happy and felt very loved when we were with her!


Now my father and mother had all the fancy rich things in life but they were never happy.  They were always fighting, drinking, and always had to buy something new to make them feel better.  Both died poor with no real money to speak of!  I never felt loved with them, only forgotten and unwanted!


I have many friends and have had many in my life who have so much money!  They make sure they keep it and do not really help people when they see that other people need help.  I am like my grandmother.  I will give someone my last $20 if I feel they need it more than me.  I see so many people with money who have created so many walls around themselves to protect themselves from life, but to also protect their money!


Here is the GREAT illusion I am talking about.  They have great wealth but no true peace.  They have so many walls and so much money, it is really easy to say, “I am at peace, life is good, I have no fears,” or their walls are so strong, no one can get close to their heart!  It is a real fortress all around them and they look at people from inside these huge walls saying, “Why can’t I find the love I want, someone to love me so much?”  In reality, money is more important to them than anything else.  They have created a world in which money and the security that money provides is truly the focus in their lives.  I have said for many years that it is ok to have money and lots of it.  The problem is when money and the security it provides have you!  My friends, please remember life is not so easy for those who have not all the security and comfort wealth provides!  It is truly very easy to speak of love, compassion, and humility when you are sitting with $50,000 or $100,000 in the bank or much more, but how much do you really give to help others in true need?


Now for a subject I have spoken little of in my life to anyone.  In my travels and my daily life, I have had times of good money and times that were very tight!  I have lost everything two or three times.  Over the last two years, I have had some very tough times; waiting for gas money, waiting for money for food, or for money to pay my rent and then I have nothing left.  There have been times that I have had $20 or less in my pocket in the last few months, so I am going through it again.  I know what it is like to be poor and daily pray for money for the electric and food to take care of me and five children.  I share this to make my point.  Be careful how you judge people who are having a difficult time in life!  They are not part of the illusion of great wealth!  Again, I am fine to have money and a lot of it.  I just know I am learning great faith by not having a lot right now and I have learned this in the past.  When I traveled all over the U.S. in a car or travel home for many years, it was common for me to leave on the road with $3 in my pocket and two weeks later I would be ten states in a different direction.  I have also driven a car that was on empty with no fuel for a hundred miles, so I understand to walk and live by faith!!  Each time I have felt led to do something of a major event, like buy my ranch in Texas, I only had $500 to my name and I put it all as a down payment on the ranch, all of it, nothing left in my pocket!  Over the next seven years, another $600,000 in cash was put into the ranch to make it grow.  This is my investment, but right now I have about $40 dollars in my wallet right.  I am completely ok with no fear about life because of this!


My point in all of this is who I am.  What I say and share with you and in all the books I have written are from my heart; me, a real human being with a great capacity of love and compassion.  None of who I am or what I will or will not do is based on how much money I have or do not have!  Honestly, so many times in my past or even now, I have given my last $20 dollars away and been happy and blessed to do so!!!  Then, as always, what I needed would come to me when I needed it.  So I base nothing in my life on money.  My security is not based on money!  It is all about the heart and connection to the divine for me!!


Several times in my adult life I have felt led to give away all my material possessions.  I just felt this was the right thing to do; even my car at the time!  Then other times, I have lost everything.  This taught me not to put my heart and security in money or things!  I have told people who would speak so highly about the great faith and confidence in life that they have, who also happen to have a lot of money, simply because I felt all the great pride they were speaking from.  I would tell them this!!


“Ok.  If you have all this faith and courage that you speak so much of and have all the answers for my life about all I must be doing wrong, then let us see how you do.  Go give away all your money and material wealth and let us put your heart to the test!  Then you can walk a little in my shoes and see from my eyes!!”


To live in faith is to live by our heart, not by what we can see in our bank account!  I would be nowhere and have nothing if I lived by sight of the eyes alone!  True faith comes with great testing and the great difficulties we face in our lives, not by what we hear from other people or what we read in a book!  Please my friends, do not judge another soul until you have walked a mile in his or her shoes or lived a day in their lives!


How is this illusion working for you?  Do you really believe that life is all about money?  If money will really make you happy, then why are people so miserable, like my Mother and Father were?  I always said, if I had to choose between money and to be happy, it is easy!  I will choose to be happy!  Can we have both?  Yes!!  As long as the money does not have our heart, we are good!!


With a grateful heart!



(This article was written June 2014)



I feel we are entering a time in our world where we are shifting our energy to the greatest degree our planet has ever experienced.  I feel this in my own life so deeply, that everything I have learned in fifty years of this life and all of my past lives has been to prepare me for the days to come.  Our world will change completely over the next ten years.  Many will follow and many will get lost in the shuffle so we must be prepared for massive shifting, shaking and awakening!!


I have felt this deep shifting of energy for many years now.  It just keeps getting deeper and more powerful in love.  I left Texas almost three years ago now.  When I left, I felt like Hawaii was a place to help me to grow and would be a place to prepare me to move on to another country in Asia someplace.  But as time passed, it seemed that I was going to be here much longer than I thought!


Each day I have just let go and worked to live in the moment and be happy here in Maui, which I have learned to do!  I really like it here and I am very happy to stay!  I feel I came to peace with all things.  For me, it seems just as soon as I let go, then God stepped in and is now leading me to prepare for Asia.  I feel my heart being prepared to leave Maui now just as I felt my heart being prepared to leave Texas!  I am seeking deep wisdom and patience to follow the divine in all of this just as I did to come here to Maui!


As this point, it feels clear I am going to Indonesia, though there are many islands, so we will see as things develop.  For me, this is a complete shift in my life!  It seems like my life in Texas was like a past life in so many ways now.  Then it seems and feels that the past three years here are like a past life now too.  This is like the most major shift in my life to this point.  I know nothing of the culture in Indonesia or the customs.  I have shared with several close friends that I feel I am opening up to a whole other world in going there.  I do not know the exact timing in all this, but it seems it will be sooner rather than later!


There are more details that are involved in all of this that I will share as life evolves, but this is going to happen to so many souls in the next few years.  It will be like a complete shift and like other world changes, so get ready.  It is coming like a roller coaster and we all must take the ride! (LOL) This shift, if we each follow our heart and the hand of God in all of it, will bring some amazingly positive changes in each of our lives so jump in the water and let the current of life take you to your destination!  As for me, I am ready.  I see clearly I am going to have to grow so much to follow all of this for it is nothing like the life I have had here in America; nothing at all!


So my friends, be brave, take the plunge, and go wherever your heart is called to!


Letting go to fly higher!!



(This article was written June 2014)



When we will truly let go and follow the Divine, I can promise you this one thing, that your life will begin to move so fast and so many things will be changing all at the same time that you will not be able to follow any of it with your mind!  You will be forced by the sheer magnitude of all the things you are faced with on a daily basis to let go and learn to live deeply and only from your heart and spirit in a place of blind faith!!


I want to share some of the things going on in my life at the moment so you begin to get a little picture of how in one way it seems my life moves at the speed of light and then on another level I always have to learn a deeper patience to wait on so many things and not do anything to force any situation!  I have been in this long transition period in my life.  It started I would say around 2009.  This is when I began to feel I was leaving Texas to live overseas some place!  I would tell my children I was leaving so that I was preparing them.  They would ask me where.  I told them then I was not sure but that I just knew I was going to fly over the ocean.  Then as time went on, I felt I was coming to Hawaii but that it would be a place of transition to prepare me to go to another country and live!  During this time and after I arrived in Maui, I still felt this.  I felt deeply it was someplace in Asia that I would end up living the rest of my life; possibly Japan, Thailand, Philippines, or Indonesia.  As time has gone by, I have just let this go since it seemed I was not being allowed to leave Maui at all!  LOL


This coming September, it will be three years since I first arrived in Honolulu.  I have written five or six new books, reedited I think four of my older books and written a text book for my healing classes, all while I was still helping to run the businesses back in Texas.  Now it is to the point that the people running all of that in Texas are doing so almost without my help now, which has freed me to work on all of the things here over time.  Now I am working to get the retreat set up while I am also looking to move from the home I am in to someplace else here on Maui, which to this point, nothing has opened up for me to find.  At the same time, I have been working hard to create the necessary funds needed to accomplish all of this.  We have also been working to get the funds for the businesses in Texas to transfer them to the faithful souls back there that are running the operations now so that I may be released to move forward in my task at hand!


So much of this is about letting go.  It is just too much for me to try to carry!  Then it seems as I have really come to peace with saying, ok, Maui is my home, I guess I am not going to Asia after all, I find as soon as I truly let go and come to peace with my life as it is, then this is when it brings the release of energy for the new doors to open and things to begin to shift to a higher vibration!  Over the last two years, there are three places I have really wanted to go that my heart has been very drawn to.  One is Bali, Indonesia.  I have been invited there several times by different friends who were going there.  Another is Thailand.  I even researched and found I can move there and live after I turn fifty years old, which I am now!  The other is Japan, which is always near to my heart but I have not felt the doors open to return there.


I can do my retreats here in Maui no matter where I live!  I have felt my heart desiring to go to Asia and live now for many years!  The place that seems to be calling my heart right now is Indonesia.  For me it is not about what I want in life or what I think is best, but rather letting go and allowing God to completely direct my footsteps in all I do!  It is then that I know, no matter what happens in life, I am right where I am supposed to be.  For example, here in the house I live in, until it is time for me to move and find another place, nothing will open up.  When I moved here to this house, I found it in one day and it was all a done deal!  I have been looking for a different place for over a year now but I see so many things that factor into all of this that I just have to let go and trust life with a deep blind faith!  It seems I just have to wait and see the direction to go and the doors that will open and the ones that will close!!  This I have found to be true.  When one door in our life closes, another door will always open.  We just have to be watching!


I simply ask for your prayers for all of this to unfold in the natural time and mainly for me to have wisdom, patience and the heart to follow each day, for honestly, it is all beyond my mind!  Just what I accomplished with all the books was a lot to deal with.  As some know, I went through a great loss of someone I loved with all my heart and soul during this time as well.  But, I know all things happen for a reason and in their own proper time, so if I am to go live in Indonesia, my heart is more than willing to do so.  I saw it as a central point to travel from to go all over the world as well.


May we all just let go and walk this path of blind faith and trust in the Divine love to guide our footsteps!


With much love!



(This article was written June 2014)




Most of you who are following me or reading my books and articles only know me from this place of love, from a depth of love and compassion that I have grown into over my life and past lives, yet the difficulties I have faced in this life have helped to form who I have become.  So many people feel sorry for themselves and things that have happened in their lives that they never mature or develop into a soul of love and compassion!  We have to mature and grow, not wine and complain.  In this article, I want to share some of the things I have gone through in my life to help you to see how our character can develop.  I felt led to share this because now in my life I am finding deep love and respect from so many people for who I am and what I am working to do in helping and healing people, but it has not been this way much in my life in the past.


When I was fourteen months old, I was burned from head to toe by scalding hot coffee.  I was told I was in the hospital for more than six weeks, wrapped up like a mummy!  The burns were so severe, my grandmother immediately began to cut off my clothes because they were sticking to my skin.  This was the beginning of the difficulties I went through.


During all my years of school, I was a very small boy and very gentle so I found myself to be the target of every hateful bully who could possibly find me.  I did not want to hurt anyone so it was just not in me to fight back.  I always felt horrible if I was to ever hurt anyone.  I cannot tell you how many times I was hit, beat or spit on by all these brave young men.  Back when I went to school, nothing was ever done about the bullies.  It was just part of the hell hole they called school!  This was the main reason along with other reasons I home schooled all of my children!


Now here I find this part even more difficult to deal with and share.  I was sexually abused deeply by my mother, my grandmother, one man I remember, and several other women.  My mother was the one who introduced me to the female body inside and out.  It was another brutality of childhood that I worked to cleanse myself of.


I had a horrible case of asthma as a child until I was twenty-three when I cleared this energy and healed myself!  Until I got older and went through a lot of healing, I had no memories before nine years old and no good memories at all.


Both my father and mother were super dominate and abusive angry souls who cared nothing for me or my sister.  The only thing that mattered to either of them was money and their egos!  They were millionaires when I was a child but fought constantly and had open sex with other women.  Until I was around twelve years old, I thought everyone was a drunk because the alcohol abuse in my family was so bad.  The whole town I grew up in was a town of drunks, so I just thought everyone was like this.  When I was twelve, my parents took me to dinner at a family’s house.  I walked away that night amazed.  I never met a family before who did not get really drunk and fight every night.


As I grew into an adult, I have been a man who will not compromise truth or integrity so I did earn some people’s respect but I earned a lot more hate, anger and rejection from people who tried to get me to go along with their brutality of other souls!  You see, by then I was not a small boy any more but a very large man who was tired of bullies and disliked them deeply.  I found I was the one to stand up and say this is wrong, you cannot do this, and I will not go along with your lies and stealing, bully tactics, whatever it was.  I will not allow anyone to control me even a little bit, nor will I try to control anyone else.


I have been close to death more times than I can count.  The coffee burns as a child, I came close to drowning four times that I remember, I got strep throat and got down to 140lbs from 220lbs when I was 32, then I was run over by a cow and got pneumonia six or seven times.  I had a near death experience here in Maui last year.


I have had countless people I love get angry with me because I will not tell them it is ok to do as they please and be mean to other people to try to control, to lie, to cheat, and just to plain be selfish all the time.  Many have punished me by leaving my life and not speaking to me anymore; father, mother, children, and women I have deeply loved and adored.  The rejection from those we love the most I have found to be the most painful of all.


Please keep in mind that I am only giving you a brief account here.  I had a man rob me of $500,000 in 1996.  There was nothing I could do at the time so it broke me money wise.  With four children, I had to start over.  I also had another man burn down my home just out of hate and spite.  Again, there was little I could do at the time.  I had three children at this time.


I see all things as a lesson to grow from.  We can become bitter or better.  I could write a book on just all the brutal things I went through at the hands of bullies in my life as a child and as an adult, or another book on my sexual education as a young child, or one on my near death experiences, or another on how deep rejection can make you deathly ill and want to give up!


You know why I am writing this?  I feel so much love from people now.  The world is changing and people will write me and tell me how much I have helped them, or just today, someone shared how much my new book changed their life and they shared the cover of the book and encouraged other people to read it.  I am not used to people thanking me and loving me!  I spent years of being bullied by the people closest to me and people hating me because I would not go along with their selfish acts!


Now when people outpour their love back to me, honestly, it just makes me weep and it is hard to stop crying when this happens!  I guess a deeper washing inside of me is taking place.  Please my friends, we have to remember how much things we say or do can hurt the people we love, especially if they are tender and sensitive!


I do want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support!!  Look at my heart, my life.  We have no excuses for being angry or mean, for being a bully or dominating other people and hurting people.  It is our choice as to who we become and how we deal with the brutality, hate, and rejection the world can throw at us.  I have found my freedom to love in my freedom to forgive!!  I have to work hard for this as well every day and to make a choice to love and not to hate!


With great hope for change in our world to compassion!




(This article was written June 2014)



When God moves in mysterious ways, what do you do?  How do you follow the path of the Divine??  We have to first learn a new language that only our heart and spirit can understand, one in which we can speak to only one other soul; only this soul who is truly connected to us in a completely Divine way!  For me, I could call this language ~ JAVA ~ then only this one soul who is my Divine twin flame or as I would say my Soul mate, only she would understand I was talking to her and about her as I write to this deep soul, about Divine love and oneness of the heart and soul!  She would know the language of my heart because it would be the language of her heart as well!


This is the problem.  There are many people who are married and they do not speak the same language of the heart!  We have to find the one soul who we speak the same language of the heart, like I said; the one soul who can Fan the flames to my heart and soul!  If I were to call her Java, because only she would know my heart is speaking to her, then she would know that my heart only beats for her, my lungs only breathe for her, my blood only flows for her, my eyes only long to see her and look deep into her soul!!  She would not be afraid for she would feel the same way about me because we speak the same language of the heart!  It does not mean you have to know each other for years before you speak the same words of the heart!  It could be you have been searching for her all your life like me, or she has been waiting for me or you all of her life!  Then one day when it simply is the right time, you reach out into space and just grab each other.  She tells me I am Java, the serenity of her heart!  Then with no words from my mouth, I know she is speaking directly to my heart!  She is my Java!  Then I could tell her I have been waiting for her all my life as well and she would hear me because we both speak the words of Java!!  The reality for me is I know there is only one woman on this planet that speaks the language of Java like me!


I have asked God for so many years, how long must I wait to find this dearest soul to my heart, this one woman on earth who speaks the words of Java to my heart and soul, the one soul who in the beginning of time was born of fire and gold just as me?  We were made one heart, one soul, one mind, and one body thousands of years ago!  Then God broke us in half and sent us into this world and said to each soul you must find JAVA!  Then you will be one again with each other!  So each soul has had to grow and mature all the time, longing for each other until they were both ready to once again find the Java of their heart and soul!  Now for me, I know I still have to wait for my sweet love to see that we are both of the words of Java!  I do know so many of you are looking for that one soul who speaks the same language of the heart that you do!  This is really the key.  We must be of the same heart, the same soul, the same language of the heart!  Tonight I write this for each of you to help you to see more clearly what we need to do to find our soul mate, for this is truly God’s time for so many of us to find this one soul we have waited so long for!  This year, 2014, is a year of many weddings of the heart, many joining from the soul!


I write this in such a deep way that only she will feel my vibration, only she will understand my words and the calling of my heart!  Only she will feel me speaking the Language of her heart; that she is my Java serenity and I am her Java Love!  When you truly find the soul you speak the same language of the heart with, here is the key to this love!  You will be so drawn to each other that you will run like the wind into each other’s arms to once again be intertwined like night and day and the sun and the moon; a constant love affair of the heart and soul, a continuous love of the heart and soul!


My dear love Java, do you feel my heart and soul calling you?  Do you see by these words how you deeply Fan the Flames to my heart and soul??  My friends, here is the key to all of this and why we must wait!  Only I and my dear love speak the language of Java!!  For each of you, it is your own language of the heart!  You just have to find the one soul who speaks the same words of the heart as you!


I believe with all of my heart that God gives two souls their own language of their heart that only these two souls understand!  For me, I now see mine is called Java, for it is only She, Java, who can Fan the Flames to my heart and soul!  You must find what is yours, then you will find the lover of your heart and soul, the one who can truly Fan the Flames to your very Soul!!


With love and longing for my dear Java!



(This article was written June 2014)



There are times in life when a bolt of lightning may strike our heart and soul!  This makes us burn so deep and hot inside that the pain is like a Forest fire burning out of control.  The winds come along and stir these amazing fires of pure passions love deep within our soul!  No matter how these flames to our souls are stirred, no matter who or what is the Fan to the flames in our soul, it is God’s deep love that makes this fire burn so deep, pure and bright; an unquenchable fire deep within our heart and soul!


When we are truly open in our heart, when we are no longer afraid, when we are willing to love from the complete nakedness of our heart and soul, to be a servant to our one true special tender love and deeply devote our heart and souls to these burning flames of passionate true love, when we are truly ready to put God and love above all else, then this one soul that we have longed for all our life will simply appear!  We will look at each other and see the beauty of our soul!  My sweet dear soul, you will feel the molten lava that flows through my heart and soul, the deep volcanic activity in my heart that simply awaits the touch of your beautiful tender soul!  You, my dear soul, make my blood to boil and my soul to melt into a continuous flow of Divine Lava from the core of my old ancient soul!


I feel the magic of your heart and the desires of your soul!  When I feel your heart, when I see your soul, you make everything in me burst into Flares of fire shooting high into the sky, like the flares bursting on the surface of the sun!  Just to feel you close to me, to feel your Divine passion, to feel your heart my beloved soul, you Fan the flames deep within my heart and soul until they are burning completely out of control!


When we have truly let go, God will put this child like love in our heart and we will simply long to be side by side of this one magical soul, this one soul who just makes our heart smile and fill up to an overflowing magical joy that only God can give two souls who were made to be one soul!  It is you dear tender passionate heart who fans the flames to my very soul!


I see you.  I feel you.  I know who you are; the ancient soul who was born of Gold and Fire in the beginning of time.  You are the fuel to my fire and you are the breath to my soul!


Burning flames of a raging fire must have air to burn!  They must have wind to spread their wings and fly!  They must have fuel to last to the end of time!  You, my sweet tender passionate soul, are the air to my soul to give me wings to fly, the wind to make me grow and spread the fires of passion within my soul, and the fuel to make my heart burn with divine passion like the sun until the end of time!


This is how my heart feels and I wait for God to bring you my future sweet bride who is just Magical to me!  And I am the magic soul to make the fires of your Heart burn so bright and hot as well until we melt into a river of lava together!


Two little children just to look at each other with pure tender love each day, to get lost forever in each other’s eyes, to simply melt into one heart, one soul, one passion, one love, and one Body!


Burning with passionate fire just waiting for you!!

With much tender love!


(This article was written June 2014




I have had so many people contact me who are in bad relationships and say, I just keep repeating the same pattern!  What must we do to stop this negative cycle in our lives?  Honestly, the first step is to see what we are doing!  Then the second step is to choose to change this pattern and clear our karma so we can shift to a deeper and higher vibration of love!


It is only as we choose to say NO to our negative patterns in life, to say no to our hurting other people, and to also say no to other people hurting us as well with gentleness so that we become a soul who will do no harm!!  We have to come to see we must first be willing and somewhat able to give what we want in life!  If we want love, tenderness, compassion, mercy, hugs, to hold hands, to hold hearts, then we must be willing to make ourselves naked and vulnerable!  We must be willing to love and forgive, to embrace unconditional love if this is what we want!  In other words, we must be willing to set the example of love no matter whether or not we get it back!!


Many of us have this list of what we want in a spouse, which is fine, but we must understand everything we put on our list that we want in a life partner we must also see that we need to be this same person as well!  We also have to be willing to do the work that is needed to change our old patterns and clear our old karma, even fi this means we stop dating and separate ourselves to meditate and pray, to clear our heart and heal.


I did this for almost six years.  I stayed alone to take care of my children.  Now I find myself in just such another time of being alone.  Soon it will be one year of me just being alone with me.  This time I want to clear myself and my energy to such a degree that I can find the one soul to share the rest of my life with, to be completely clear, and honestly, each day I find myself to be reaching a higher vibration and to be so much more clear and quiet!  I find such a deeper joy in my heart and such a deeper peace and harmony with life!


The key I see to all of this is my peace, grounding, love, compassion, and growth is not based on anyone or anything but me and my effort in life.  I have stopped basing my heart on anyone or anything else in this world!  Only my connection to my own soul and my connection to the Divine flow of love and harmony with the creations in this world!!  Oh yes my darling souls, this also means for me personally.  I base none of my heart, peace or harmony on sex or money, which is what 99.9% of the world bases their happiness in.


We have to disconnect from the robot program we were all fed as children when we were sent into this world!  We have to learn to run to love and healing instead of what most people do, which is to run away from love and run to conflict and pain!


I am running head first into the vast oceans of love!!  Will you join me???


With such a fire for love!



(This article was written June 2014)



Every moment of everyday we are face with difficulties and one choice after another!  Our life is based upon our choices from our past and our future is based on our choices we make now, today!  It does not help us at all to blame anyone for our present circumstances, but is does help us greatly if we take responsibility for our lives and make the needed choices today that will help us to have a better life tomorrow.


One of these choices I have come to see is for me to stay at peace, grounded, and balanced no matter what anyone does to me.  It seems each day I am placed in a test and I have a choice to make.  The last couple of days have been no different.  There have been many challenges to stay at peace.  There are several things right now in my life I would really like to change.  Each one would require a certain amount of money that I do not currently have, so I have a choice in each situation.  I can remain calm, peaceful, and one with the energy of my heart and the divine to allow things in my life to mature.  Then, when it is time, everything will be there for me to be able to make the changes I need for my life to be even more peaceful.  I need to stay in a place of acceptance, remembering that it is not in my power at the moment to make these changes I would really like to make.  But I know this is temporary.  I will have the money when it is God’s time for me to make these changes!


To me, with almost everything in life, it is about waiting for the right time for each event and circumstance to fall into place naturally!  I am daily learning so much more deeply not to allow myself or anyone else to force anything in my life but rather to wait until I feel everything flowing in a natural path in my life!  There are so many things I have been waiting on for so many years.  I see all of this coming, but to remain calm and have patience to wait until it is all manifesting in the Natural Divine order!  I see so many people being prepared to work with me.  I have a dear friend translating my writings and my books into German now.  I have known for nearly twenty years that one day my books would be translated into many languages, so this is one thing that has now begun to happen.  In this world we are not taught to wait for things for twenty or thirty.  We are taught that if we want something, make it happen.  Go out and get it.  I agree we have to work towards what we desire, but for me it is also about maturing in what we desire!  For example, the things I desired when I was twenty years old are completely different than what I now desire at fifty years old!


What I now understand as love is completely different than when I was twenty years old!  (LOL!!)  As a complete whole, the things that were important to me when I was twenty years old now do not really mean anything to me!  But the things that are now very important to me, I did not really think about or even understand when I was twenty.  But every choice I have made each day of my life has made me who I am today!!  I have very few regrets in life; possibly only two or three.  Those things I cannot change but I can make sure I never again make those same mistakes in the future!


When we are faced with someone who is doing something very unjust to us or very unfair, if we cannot change what they are doing for some reason, then we must embrace the deeper lesson in what we are to learn!  It may be a deeper unconditional love, deeper patience, deeper compassion, or deeper forgiveness!  You will hear me say this so many times in life!  “EVERY THING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.”  I always have to remember this when something is happening that is difficult and I do not like the outcome or the energy at the moment!!  It is in adjusting and accepting our current circumstances for what they are, not what we would like them to be, but reality!  We can get angry, frustrated or we can adapt and learn how to open our heart more with each lesson!!  For me, even if I stumble and get frustrated or anything else that takes away from my peace and balance, this will only be short lived, temporary, for my focus is to stay in line with the flow of compassion, love and harmony with the Divine in my life!  But it is a choice!!!  This is part of the victory to be found.  We are not victims to anything in life.  We all have a choice as to how we will choose to respond!!  We need to become better and open our heart!  This is the solution!


Seeking a deeper love each moment!







What is a true friend?  How do we know if someone is really our friend?  How do we know if we are a true friend to other people?


When I was about twelve years old, my Father was a millionaire.  He had a lot of money and a lot of people he called friends!  I did not really have any friends at this point in my life, but I could already see deeply into people’s hearts.  One day, I was riding in the car with my father and one of his friends.  The two of them were in the front seat and I was in the back seat of the car listening to them talk.  My father did not really believe that I should speak when it was adults.  I was just a child and did not know anything so I should remain silent!  But on this occasion, something moved my heart deeply to speak.  This was not usually me.  I was very afraid of my Father.  He was a very angry and dominant soul, but for some reason on this occasion, I found a voice that came deep from within my soul!  I remember this so clearly as though it was just yesterday!  (This part is an after note as I am proof reading this.  For some reason, I just started weeping as I was thinking of all of this and how my father was and how my old soul just spoke to him on this occasion.)  I said, “Dad, if you did not have all this money, you would not have all these friends.  If you lose your money, all of these people will not want to be your friend.”  I also clearly remember my father’s words to me!  “You need to be quiet.  You are just a child and do not know what you are talking about.”


Now I was twelve years old at that time.  By the time I was nineteen years old, my father had lost all his money and was no longer rich.  At that point, what I told him happened.  Out of the hundreds of people who were around him to claim his friendship, there were only four people left who were his true friends and loved him in spite of his arrogance and mean attitude!  We never talked about this again but I am sure he remembered my words later in his life.


A true friend is there for you no matter what happens in your life!  I have just a few people I know I can count on in the hard times.  They have proved themselves to me over the years, but it has been me who has given them reason to be my true friends by being one to them as well!  A true friend will tell you when you are in a bad place, negative, angry or whatever you may be struggling with.  But at the same time, they will not allow you to be unkind either.  They will have the love to hold you accountable.  They will not run away when things get tough and life deals us hard cards!


I look at those I love and consider to be my closet friends.  If it came down to where someone was going to hurt any of them, they would have to get past me to do this.  I would take a bullet for any of them, so a deep true friend would not think twice about laying down their life for us.  I would give my life for any of those I love so deeply.  A true friend is not going to say one thing to your face and talk badly about you behind your back.  A true friend will always speak truthfully with you from their heart!  A true friend will be there just to listen when we need to talk.  They would never take advantage of us in any way!


We also have to have patience with each other to allow each other time to grow.  When I was young, I only remember ever having one true friend as a child.  This was one of my cousins.  He was around three years younger than me, but in all the years we spent time together, I remember he was never unkind to me nor was he a bully to me.  He really didn’t pick on me like other children did.  He was really the only friend I ever knew as a child.  Right now we are not as close as I would like, but possibly in time.  I have other cousins I love and they love me, but they are ten years younger than me.  We became friends later in life.


When I was around thirty years old, I was very close to an older man in Montana.  His name was Punk.  He became like a father to me and was the best example of a man of honor, a friend, and just a wonderful soul for me.  He told me, “Aaron, when you get to be my age,” (he was seventy-two at the time) if I have had four or five true friends from my whole life, this would be a great accomplishment!”  What I feel in all of this is that we all have to first give what we want in life to truly receive what we want!  For example, if we want respect from people, we have to be willing to give respect to others first, to always set the example!


So I want to leave us with this thought.  Are we a true friend to those around us?  May we be a true friend to many a soul!


Seeking this true bond of love in many!




There are so many empty promises from people and societies in this life.  For many years, I have watched people go from one teacher, healer, guru, holy man or woman all promising to have the answers and cures to life’s problems.  Honestly, we need people who will devote themselves to our healing, teaching, comforting and Maturing of our heart and spiritual soul.  We need to have great respect for such souls who will give up their dreams and goals in life to serve the rest of humanity.  We each just have to have the wisdom to know if these people are real or if they have just come up with another wonderful idea to fill our heads with more worthless ideas, like a new sugar pill.  We need to be able to feel their hearts deeply and to see if they have built an elaborate set of illusions and mask all about themselves so they look better than they really are.  In the days and times we are in, we deeply need true Holy men and Holy women.  We truly need healers who will speak from the heart and soul words that have the Divine power to open our hearts and bring pure healing to our souls.


Now is a time to do away with all the division that has been created by selfishness and greed, by people who just want to be rich, powerful and famous.  If someone has truly devoted themselves to our healing and education of the heart, soul, and mind and can lift us up out of the craziness and darkness around us, you will know and you will feel the depth of love and compassion in their hearts, in their words, and deeply in all of their actions!  All of these things must line up and we will see them all clearly.  We cannot be one kind of person in the eyes of the public, appearing sweet and kind, and then be a completely dark person in our private lives with those who we let into our inner circles!  We have to walk in love and light all the time and not hide our weaknesses and be unkind to people behind closed doors!


We must be real; no masks, no hidden agendas, no lies, no false hopes!  We must be able to speak the truth with such a real and true healing power that no one can deny that we have a true Divine connection and that we can truly help others to open their hearts and begin to heal!


We have to be willing to completely surrender our selfishness and our need to be right!  We must take the path of True Humility deep in our hearts and souls and truly know and believe that we are each just a little child, that we can make mistakes and we can be wrong, that no one is perfect and that we are all human and have weaknesses!  At the same time, we cannot make any excuses for our negative actions.  We must take responsibility for them and work to become better and more mature each day.


We must be easy to teach, easy to listen, easy to change, easy to admit when we are wrong, as well as easy to say I am sorry.  It must be deeply easy for us to ask someone for forgiveness when we have hurt them in some way on any level!  It is in living with a deep and mature Humility of the heart and soul that we can find this simple path of trust and compassionate living from the heart!


My friends please hear my heart in this message.  It is not about coming to the stage or forefront of the world and being famous.  It is not about dressing in the fanciest clothes or driving the most expensive cars, or living in the greatest houses.  It is not about how many lectures we have given, about how many books we have written, or how many thousands of people we have spoken too.  To me, it is simply about how we can reach deep into one person’s heart and make them feel alive, make them feel so deeply loved, that someone can touch you, just you and you know we truly care about you with all our heart and soul, that we can connect on a level in our hearts and souls that you cannot walk away from this experience without knowing, feeling and having experienced a Divine love, compassion and healing that will completely change your life and the direction of your life from this point on!  We make no promises to anyone for we do not need to.  It is just a reality that we live life each moment so deeply connected to the Divine and to restoring the hearts and souls of every person we come in contact with!


We purpose to be so full of God’s love no words are needed to melt a person’s heart and soul.  All anyone needs to do is look into our eyes and they can see this love and compassion in our eyes, they can feel this energy all about us.  When we walk into a room, the room just fills with God’s love and healing compassion!  When we read his or her words from the other side of the world, the words that have flowed from their heart simply flood our souls with Divine healing and love to where we are moved so deeply, we are changed and our hearts open and begin to just fill with Gods healing love!!


These dear friends are the souls we need right now in this great time of Transformation to come forth and help us each to grow, mature and heal, so let us all pray for these simple and childlike souls to come out of their silence now when we need them the most!  Let us pray we will each be easy of the heart to learn, listen and heal!


With a great longing for compassionate healing to fill our hearts!




There are so many traps in life to make us get lost and to keep us lost!  There are illusions people paint in beautiful pictures to get us to follow.  The promises of this will fix all the problems in your life.  I see so many people just lost in their business or their job, whichever it may be.


I have had as many as five companies at the same time, so understand clearly the traps of the business world, spending so much time working, up to six or seven days a week, using all your energy to create and expand our company or our job.  Who we are is not defined by our business, the job we have, or the company we work for.  Who we are is truly defined by the soul deep inside of us and how we express ourselves.  Many people are simply lost in the illusion that money and our business will make us happy and create this magical life where we will be at the top of the world!


If you could ask some of the movie stars who have died of drugs or suicide just how happy they really were, it would be easy if we could ask them.  They died with millions of dollars, yet their soul was empty!  We have to work to find a balance in our business and the time we spend feeding and nurturing our hearts and souls.  If we just feed our ego and our mind with work and money, then we become a soul who is completely poor and destitute of spiritual value, heart worth and value!  It is about achieving a balance between our business work life and our spiritual wellbeing!  I have found as we put love and compassion at the top of our list, the things we need to do for our life as far as work and business will balance themselves each day.


We have to have the correct priorities in life.  If our priority is just work and business, we will always be out of balance!  We will never ever find peace and harmony in life if we put work and business as our first priority.


Even with having five companies, my priorities have always been my spiritual path and my family.  With every business I have had since the age of twenty-three years old, my priorities have been the heart and love first!  When I was younger, this was not the case.  My parents taught me to work and become rich with money being the goal in life!  By the time I was twenty-three years old, I had already come to see for myself this was not going to make me happy at all!  Money can make us comfortable in life, take care of our needs, but honestly, it can never truly satisfy the deep longing of our heart and soul for love and tenderness, for companionship, for a tender kiss filled with love, to touch someone’s souls with such compassion as to bring tears to our eyes and fill our heart with joy.


So live to love, live to breath, live to heal, live to touch the souls around you.  Live to see from the heart and then work to help all these things to grow in your heart!  If you are able to do this, then whatever you do for work or business will only make you feel more of all the things in life that really matter!  Live with passion in all you do, then your work will feed your passion for love and tenderness in life!


With balance for life!




So many people today are simply empty, searching for something to fill up the huge emptiness inside of them.  Even if they have a great deal of money and stay really busy in life, it still does not fill the void they feel in their heart and soul!  What will it take to get people to see the truth of life?  What will it take to awaken our souls to the true purpose for our life?  What is the key to happiness and feeling at peace in life?


Well I can tell you it begins with letting go of all the illusions that we have learned to live with as we have grown up from little children.  It is when we put the silence of nature, the soft sounds of a running stream, the birds singing, the wind blowing in the trees, the sun coming up over the mountains, and the moonlight shining bright at night, when these things again move our souls and fascinate us as they did when we were a little child.  It is when we just love to look at the sky, walk in the woods, swim in the lake or walk down the beach, when we are again as easily entertained as we were when we were a little child!


I am 50 years old now.  I have been seeking peace, balance and grounding, love and compassion in my life now since I was thirteen years old.  I awakened to a spiritual life and path when I was thirteen.  Many have told me, you find it here or you find it there.  There were many answers and many empty promises of how to find peace.  Some told me I would find it when I had enough money!  Well how much money is enough money?  How many trips do we take to India, to find Buddha, or to find a monk to help us?  I have heard and read it can take a monk a whole lifetime to make their mind quiet and their soul to come to rest!  I can honestly tell you from my own heart, this I feel is true!  I have worked now for more than thirty years to find rest in my heart and soul, to trust and have faith in God to guide me to a great place of peace.  It takes a lot of work on our part to find this wisdom of the heart and soul.  It does not come easy.  There are no sugar pills or special potions to give us this deep peace of the heart and soul!


It does come though if we seek it and let go of all the things we hang onto in this life!  Dear Souls, how can a bird fly if it cannot and will not let go of the tree branch in which it is sitting on?  It is the same for you and me!  We must let go of the branches in this life that so deeply hold our heart and soul bound to the material treasures promised to us by so many!  We must open our hearts to see all the true treasures in life are of the heart and that they are of the Divine that dwells inside of each soul.  We have to let go and once again see life through the eyes of a little child, to taste life, to smell life, to touch life, to embrace life as though it were our first time to taste it, smell it and touch it!  We must once again learn to feel everything as though we have just been born into this world and are experiencing it all for the first time!  Never ever take anything for granted but rather be grateful for all that we have!!


With tenderness!

Aaron 5-12-14



Life is and can be simply magical and full of joy, laughter, peace, just this amazing light and healing that can flow daily in our hearts and souls!


For me to this point in life, I have tasted these magical virtues as I have grown and lived each day.  Now, I am choosing to clear my energy of the old negative thoughts and what I was taught by my mother, father, and other people growing up, like being angry, discouraged, depressed, fearful, and all the negative energies we have just accepted as “NORMAL” in life.  Well, my new normal is to be free of all these things!  Gradually, day by day, tear by tear, as I am clearing my heart and soul of all the old negative karma, I am coming to see clearly I do not have to feel angry or discouraged at all and that you and I can be completely free of all this negative garbage, and it is garbage!


For me, today started as somewhat of a test, but I saw it very quickly.  Things were happening to stress me deeply and cause frustration and then anger!  I saw this trying to find root in my heart for me to give this negative energy permission as in the past to enter my heart, but the pure awareness to see it was there!  We have to see that everything in our hearts, lives and even our future is a choice on our part, so for me, I chose to say no to the frustration, discouragement and anger today!  I just said, “No, I will no longer go to this place at ALLLLL!!!”  I want to stay grounded, balanced, focused and pure in my actions and thoughts!  I also want to be able to help other people to come to this same kind of freedom from all the negative vibes and emotions that 99% of the people in the world so are lost in!  My beloved friends, we do not have to live this way!!


We can learn to live from our heart in the purest form, to love and only love!  We can be a soul who washes our heart daily and keeps in a place of joyful love and tenderness and not take on all the craziness of the world around us but rather to be a light and a healing soul that rubs off on all those around us!


All my life I feel I have been fighting to break out of this egg shell, to free myself from this cage of iron bars and concrete walls!  Now for the first time in my life, this lifetime (Smiles!!), I feel my heart becoming free to really breathe in the life we are each destined to have; a life free to walk in the love of the Divine, to truly be happy and confident that life is good and worth living!  This is all beyond the mind and deep, deep, in the heart and soul!


Today I can truly say I feel so free of the old cage of the mind, the bondage of thinking I have to be angry and afraid like everyone else!  I do not have to be like everyone else and be lost in greed and material desire, that it is not only ok for me to be free, but it is a magical place to be free to love, be joyful and just focus in my life, the rest of my life, to help other souls find this deep healing and freedom from the mindset of cages and chains to the general thoughts and ideas of the rest of the world!


For me each day, I am going to choose to give myself the freedom to love, to be at peace, and to be completely joyful no matter what happens in life or what other people think I should do or be!!  I hope that the freedom and joy I have found in this life will simply overflow to you in every way it possibly can!  We do have a choice to be free!!!


With much tender love, yours always of the heart!



(This article was written 5-6-14)




Hello my friends.  I have written many articles now and many books as well.  In each, I strive in my daily life and in my writings to never Compromise the sacredness of life, truth, compassion, my heart or anyone else’s heart!


When I was a young boy and until I was 17 years old, the last time I saw my grandmother, she told me more times than I can even remember these words!! ““SON, WHEN YOU GIVE YOUR WORD, YOU KEEP YOUR WORD.  IF WE BREAK OUR WORD, WE HAVE NO HONOR.””  You could also say, if we have no honor, then we have lost the purity of our heart and soul!  We are in a time of great transformation in life and this world today!


We need every soul who has the compassion growing inside of you to stand up for truth, integrity, honor and all such virtues of light!  We need people who will stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves!!  We need courage to have a voice when others remain silent!  We need to remain firm in truth when people speak from their mind in a selfish and greedy way and want all of us to just go along and agree.  It is time for the light, love and sacredness of all life forms to be shown the respect and compassion they are due!


The world and most people in it lack the courage or the desire to stand up and make an advance forward against all the horrible things that are happing in our world today.  Many things simply do not matter, so pick your battles and make sure they will count for something deep and with purpose.  The lives and wellbeing of each soul on this planet does matter!  The lives and wellbeing of every animal on this planet matters; the earth, the air, the water, all of which we all need to live!  All these things matter.  It is not a time to remain silent against injustice!  It is a time to speak up and stop injustice.  We have sat by far too long as human beings to watch the ultra-wealthy and powerful people of this world just run over others and murder them as though a human life does not matter!


This is the time and generation of “NO COMPROMISE.”  This is the generation that is called and destined to wake up and completely shift the energy in our planet!  If we just stand by and watch all the horrible things going on in our world and we say and do nothing, then are we not as guilty as those who are doing the horrible things??  I do not believe any nation is guilt free, but there are some who carry greater guilt than others!  So let us with our hearts, our energy, our actions and our voices send out a loud and powerful call to all those who would just do as they please in this world and daily bring harm and death to our planet, our environment and our fellow creatures who live here as well.  Let’s use our energy to tell these people that we see you and what you are doing and we will not just stand by any longer and watch you destroy our planet, but we will live our lives each day and we will not compromise the “SACREDNESS OF LIFE.”


To live with No Compromise!!

Aaron 5-3-14



This is a quote from a picture someone posted on Facebook!  “Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are Magical!”  I like this so much, I felt led to share it as my new theme, just one word, “MAGICAL!”


I was talking to a friend the other night and she said she likes to view life from the “INTERNAL of the heart” not the “EXTERNAL of material world!!”  When she shared this with me, her heart and her energy was in such a Magical place of love and compassion!


When my friend shared this, it just deeply touched and moved my heart, so I now have a more completed idea of my own heart!  I am seeking to live in the “INTERNALLY MAGICAL PLACE OF THE HEART.”  It is when we so deeply connect with the Divine and our own heart and soul that we can live with this magical energy.  I am experiencing this more and more in my own life!  It takes effort, as any good thing does, but WOW!  When we get to the point that we are living from our heart in all we do, that we stay grounded no matter what happens, we will find this “INTERNALLY MAGICAL” place in this world that nothing or no one can take away from us.  It is to go beyond the limited realm of the mind and the material world to connect with our heart in such a way that we will never go back to the ordinary world that the rest of mankind exists in!  It is truly just an empty existence.  It is not truly living as we do when we feel all things from the depths of our heart and soul.


It is not about living 50% in our heart and 50% in our mind!  It is about living 100% in our heart and staying 100% grounded all the time.  We learn to do this a little step each day until we come to this point of deep balance in life.  Then our mind becomes pure and our thoughts are from the heart, filled with compassion, mercy and tenderness for ALL life forms!  Then we will think differently and we will feel differently.  No longer will we be selfish and greed driven in life, but we will truly come to a place that all we will really care about is our spiritual growth, maturing to be able to help others to heal, to  learn to love and live from the Internal of the heart and soul!


Honestly, this is all I truly care about at this point in my life.  I will choose to devote myself to the healing of our planet, the healing of each soul that wants to be healed, and to teach others to do the same.  This Beloved souls is the greatest need we have on our planet today; souls who will live with this deep “INTERNALLY MAGICAL LOVE.”  I hope more of us will wake up each day to this simply Magical way of life from the heart!


With Internally Magical love!

Aaron 4-25-14



Letting go of the past and the things we cannot change in life seems to be easy by thought, but I can tell you first hand, some things are not so easy to let go of.  As most of you know, I spend a great deal of time in prayer and meditation.  I work really hard to grow and mature in my heart and life.  Honestly, the heart and spiritual side of life are the most important to me, yet I find some of the things I know I need to let go of to be so deeply difficult to release. I release them and feel I am doing good, but then something will happen and I find that I am right back to the same struggle and working to let it go again!  (LOL-Smiles!!)  There are some things it has taken me years to let go of and to release.  Then as my heart opens up again, I still see another layer of the same difficulties that arise in my heart.


There are several sides to this I can see.  One area is the things or people we love the most are the most difficult for us to let go of and release!  This to me personally is the most difficult to work through, especially the people I love so deeply simply do not want to be a part of my life.  We cannot force anyone to love us or want to spend time with us.  We must simply accept their choices for their lives and continue to love them at a distance.  If it is meant to be, they will come back to us again at some point.


Another area involves things we desire to happen in our lives and we want them sooner rather than latter (LOL), so we struggle to wait while life unfolds naturally, which most people simply will not do, let life unfold at a natural pace.  Then we have the part of life where we need to forgive people.  This is hard to let go of sometimes as well.  It depends on your heart.  This area may be the most difficult for you.  I just know I have to work on this each day to surrender my heart and let go of the deep issues of my heart that hold me back.  When I cannot let things go, I find it drains me and just wastes my energy.  In writing this article, I am seeking to let go more and possibly help someone else to do the same thing!  With some areas, it is not that I do not want to let go, I simply am learning how to do so as I grow!


I have found we have to be consistent with our effort and have patience with ourselves each day!


Working to let go!

Aaron 4-25-14



There are so many things in life we can change and make better for ourselves and for others!  In our most intimate relationships we can do this as well.  The one thing that I see so many times as I work with people is that we as human beings greatly lack Humility.  Most take great effort to make so many excuses as to why they do things that hurt people or that they hurt themselves and make great effort to blame other people for their own self-created pain!


My point in all of this is to redirect us to a creative and positive way to change!  It takes great effort to wear all the masks we sometimes put on and make excuses so the resolution is really simple many times!  It takes this same great effort all the time to create a positive flow in our lives and create love, balance and harmony.  We simply have to redirect our thoughts and our actions.  We have to make this effort to focus our energy on the positive actions for our life and heart to grow and mature so we can live with balance and harmony in our lives.  Someone I love dearly who has been lost to me told me one day they understood why our relationship was not working.  I asked why.  They said these simple and profound words to me!  They told me, “Because I do not make the effort.”  It was an amazing awareness for this soul to tell me this, yet we lost each other for this simple fact.  They were willing to put this great effort into every area in the rest of their life, but not in our relationship!


I was deeply heartbroken at this loss, but I will never forget their words and what they told me!  I have looked at life and see how many people will make great effort in so many ways in life, yet when it comes to love and what is truly important, they make so little effort to make the needed changes so love can grow and bring healing to their souls!  Let us pick up the torch and light our way!  Let us always make the effort to be completely devoted to love and care for those around us and ourselves!


Making the Effort to love!

Aaron 4-19-14




Why do we suffer so much in life?  Why do we go through so much pain and sorrow?  As always, I will speak from my own life and my own heart!  I can honestly say my life to this point has been full of pain, sorrow and downright brutal at times!  Many times I have asked God why it all has to be so difficult.  Why so much pain?  Why so much sorrow?  When I would get back up after being knocked down, I was grateful for the lessons.  I have had many people ask me after they have gotten to know me, after they also knew a lot of what I have gone through, “Aaron, how have you stayed so soft and compassionate with all the pain and suffering you have gone through?”  I feel the answer is that one; it is a choice to become Better or Bitter!  Second, I feel the whole purpose of all the pain, sorrow and suffering we go through is to make us stronger in our compassion, wisdom and tenderness, to break down the hard places in our hearts and help us to see life from the bigger picture instead of our limited focus of self!


As I have shared, I am going through a very still time in my life.  There is not much activity and a lot of time spent in prayer and meditation.  I see how this is preparing me for more in life on every level.  I am learning, and I do say learning, a degree of patience I have not known, seen, or even read about any time in my life!  I also see how all the difficulties I have gone through over the past two years and in my prior time as well have all been to prepare me for the hour, time and events I am going through in my life at the present moment!  I am spending a great deal of my time waiting for people and events to occur in my life so I can move forward in other ways.  Life is not about us doing everything alone.  We have to learn to walk and live with others in peace and harmony, to learn to love without condition.  We have to go through events in life to create this compassion and unconditional love within us!  It is the events themselves that present us with the opportunity to grow and become better, but trust me, it is a choice of the mind and the heart to become “Better or Bitter.”


I have in the past done a lot of fasting to help me to open my heart, to help me to grow on every level.  Since last June or around the last six months, I have not been able to do much fasting at all.  I would try but I could feel it was not going to happen.  I have been able to gradually in the past month work my way back down to one meal a day and have maintained well on that.  Yesterday, I was able to fast the entire day on tea and water!  It was a deep victory for me to accomplish this.  For some people, fasting comes easy to them.  For me, it only did when I was younger, in my early 20’s.  Now it is very difficult.  I have found when I am busy, it is much easier, but when I am in a time like now of great stillness, it makes it that much harder!


I feel much more at peace today than I have for a while.  I have been struggling with a lot of fear and anxiety the past few weeks with several of the things going on in my life, so I have needed to work on grounding and balance.  The degree of letting go of everything in life is as well breaking me down and helping me to go deeper and let go of all the weights and worries of life!  Thinking we are in complete control of our lives is a great illusion!  We can make choices each day positive or negative which will choose the path we walk, but there are so many unknown factors that come into our lives each day, we really have no idea what will happen next in life!  We can see much of the days ahead if we are open and sensitive, but there is no way we can foresee every event!  I simply do not feel this is the plan of the Divine to allow us to see everything!!


I am working to deeply embrace this deep time of stillness and allow my heart to be prepared for what is to come.  I can look back at all the difficult things I have gone through in life to this point and see how it has all prepared me for today to teach me wisdom, patience, kindness, forgiveness, compassion and so many other things!  I have learned instead of running from the difficult and painful things in life, we must instead embrace them deeply into our hearts and learn the lesson that they are present to teach us!  We can then move past these things and into a place of peace, harmony and balance, for it is the inner man we have to develop to find true love, compassion and peace in this life!  We do not find or develop these things from getting lost in the material things in life!


Let us simply purpose to grow each day and become Better!


With much compassion!

Aaron 1-16-14



I have several deeply difficult situations in my life at the moment, ones in which I have no direct control over the outcomes of what will happen.  They are situations where what happens is deeply in the hands of the Divine and being led through the hearts of other people.  Each outcome will affect me very deeply in the end, whichever direction the events will lead to.  I have my desires of what I would like to see happen in each circumstance and I feel this would also be the best for everyone involved but we are working with people’s hearts and people do not always do what is best for everyone.  Sometimes they are afraid, other times confused, or at some points just selfish in what they will do.


So what do you do in these situations where you just have to wait and watch to see which direction this will all go?  I have been told by the Divine for the last two years now not to base anything I say, feel or do on anyone else or what they do or do not do.   I am simply to trust the Divine completely that everything in my life is working for the good of each person.  We all have to grow up and mature!  A lot of what I am working through is learning to wait with deeper patience for other people to make wise choices in life and for us to be able to move forward in a loving and peaceful manner together.  Most people are so used to living in such deep conflict, it takes a great deal of time and effort for them to choose to let this kind of life go and move into a life of balance, harmony, compassion and love.  I have been going through the same growth myself making some rather difficult choices in my life by walking away from relationships filled with conflict and deep abuse.  As we do this, it makes room in our hearts and lives for healthy relationships.


It is difficult though since we were born into this world of conflict and surrounded by this same conflict in our families for us to break this cycle!  For example, today I have been waiting to hear from someone that is very important to me yet at the same time to give them the space to grow and make choices in their own life to move forward into a healthy life without all the abuse.  I have spent the entire day being still in prayer and meditation.  I have gone outside the house to walk around a little bit but I have not left the house to go anywhere.  I feel these events in my life are requiring deep devotion to prayer and meditation to help to bring about the positive changes needed for everyone involved.  Tomorrow morning I will probably go to the beach for a few hours to do my yoga and meditation there.  My heart and my life are deeply devoted to this spiritual life and walk each moment of each day!


As I let go of the people and events in my life and release all of it, I acknowledge I have absolutely no control over all of this and surrender my will and my desires to that of the Divine will.  At the same time, this is where the great balance comes in, focusing with 1000% of my heart and my energy to Never Give up on the positive outcome of all the things I am waiting on, letting go, not worrying, not try to control anything, and not putting any pressure on anyone!  We need to allow and give each person the space to grow and learn, to allow each person the freedom to make their own choices in life and take the path that they so choose to take!  It then allows me to find a place of peace and harmony in my own heart no matter what anyone else may so choose to do!  Honestly, it is much easier to talk about all of this than it truly is to live it each moment of each day!


Today was a deep battle with fear, sadness, loneliness, insecurities and a few other things, yet at the end of the day, I sit here at rest and at peace in my heart as much as I could find today after many hours of working through all the fear and turmoil.  Much of it has to do with our desires in life and if we can release them and let them go or not and not attach too deeply to people and things that we cannot release them when it is necessary to do so; to love someone with all of your heart and soul that you would give your life for them in a heartbeat!  At the same time, loving them purely so as not to try to possess them!  Much of the ideas of love in the world around us today are more about owning a person, possessing them and controlling them and not about loving them and allowing them to remain free to grow and become the most beautiful soul they can become.  It is important to have the maturity to deeply support them in life, to lift them up to encourage them and help them to grow and mature in every way.


In most relationships I see today, there is usually one person that is constantly trying to tear the other person down with deeply negative energy.  Without balance and compassion, one moment they say they love you and the next moment you cannot do anything correctly and may even find yourself at the blunt end of a fist or getting slapped around.  The question is do you really want to live this way?  For me, it is an easy answer.  No, I do not want to live with or in conflict!  So we have to work to choose love and compassion in our lives, to let go of the people and things that only bring conflict and to work to help those in any way we possibly can who desire to live with love, compassion, and peace, to be there for them in every way!  This really is all about learning to love with true, pure and unconditional Divine love!


We as humans put too many conditions on our love for other people.  At the same time, we also have to look at the reality of our love and work for it to be healthy as well, not abusive either way; not for us to accept abuse from others and as well that we will never do harm to another soul!  We need to work to release the limitations of this life and this world in every way and from all the things that keep us from becoming mature with true compassion and love!


Let us move forward in life to the deep compassionate love waiting for you and me!  Do not hang on to the past that causes you so much pain!  Let go and let the Divine lead us to that true mature love!


With much compassion!

Aaron 1-11-14



When we were children, our parents took care of us and made all our choices for us!  They fed us, gave us our clothing, a home to live in, a room to sleep in!  Those days were simply good or bad, right or wrong.  We were led by the hand and taught what our parents had to teach us from their own heart and soul!


Now, we live with the simple fact and knowledge that we have to choose our path in life and we choose our destiny!  It is for us to make our own way in this world now.  No one can make all of our choices for us any longer.  We are the one responsible to do this now!  We stand or we fall by our own actions and what we do in life.


When we face the difficulties in life that simply seem to be impossible, this is when our true nature comes out.  This is when we find out what we are truly made of!  Do we have the courage and determination to face any of the giants in our lives and the world around us or are we going to run and hide when the difficulties come?  I am not just talking simple things we can easily fix!  I am talking about the life changing events that we seem to have no power over!  If we do not stand up to these things and face our fears, how will we ever get past our human weaknesses and make the positive changes in our lives that are necessary to move forward and become the soul we are destined to become?


For example, when we need things to open up in our lives, we need a job, we need finances to come in so we can get out of debt or simply to pay our bills, we need a car, or we want to buy a home, we can take this to more of a human level people to people.  When desire a mate for our lives, we are sick and need healing, there are so many different desires or needs. We may have no children and desire to have one or we want to get rid of the fears that haunt us daily or the doubts about our lives or our success.  It really does not matter what it is we are dealing with.  What matters is how do we face the impossible?  When there seems to be no way that we can get past our struggles or there seems to be no way that our circumstances are going to improve or change for the better, it is in this greatest time of darkness we must stand up and face the impossible with determination and courage.  When we truly believe something in our heart and we know it to be true or we know we can make it possible if we just believe with all of our heart and soul, that we constantly are making the effort and doing things no matter how small to take actions to create our desires and accomplish our goals or we simply will not take no for an answer and when people say what you want to do is impossible, you simply do not let it affect you in any way!  You are able to stand in what you know to be true to your own heart and you walk this out each moment of each day!


Do not let the doubt and disbelief of other people take away from your own courage and belief in what you know to be true in your own heart.  We each have different degrees of faith.  We have to live in what we know how to.  Then there comes the test of facing the impossible that gives us the opportunity for our faith to grow and become stronger!  So many times in my life people have told me that what I believed or felt led to do was simply not possible!  For me, as soon as people started telling me that it was impossible, this is when I knew this was what God was going to do in my life and I was being challenged to show people who were telling me I had chosen the impossible in life that anything is possible!  It now became my job to gain the faith and courage to discipline myself in every way to accomplish the goal at hand and break down all the limitations and walls that say it is impossible!  I believe everything in life is possible if we are willing to make every effort to accomplish what we truly desire and it is also the will of the Divine for our lives.  For me personally, this is the first order of things; is this also the desire of the Divine for my life?  Then I know I can set forth with all my heart and soul to create the energy and faith to move forward in life.


Being in line with the universe is so important.  In my life I have many things in transition; selling all the businesses back in Texas and becoming debt free.  This year, 2014, I know I will be getting married at some point but not sure yet to whom!  But I feel all of these things are the deep goals of the Divine in my life.  So much seems impossible at this point, yet I have learned over and over in my own life, once I see these events or desires of the divine in my life, they will happen!  I simply have to focus and make all the effort on my part to create all of this!  A lot of it has to do with letting go and not attaching or hanging onto things in life.  We must always set our goals higher than we think possible.  It is the greatest way to grow.  Honestly, I never set any goal I do not feel I can achieve!  I never set myself or anyone else up for failure!  So let us face the giants and the Impossible with faith, courage and hope, with the purpose we will never give up!!


With focus on the Divine creations!

Aaron 1-11-14



Today we live in a world where we are taught to wear many masks!  People are lost and do not know how to just be real!  Hey, this is me.  This is all I know how to be, just me.  I am a little child inside of a big body and I SEE YOU!!  This has been my life in this world.  I have always just been me.  I am real and do not wear any masks.  I always speak to you from my heart and live life and breathe life deeply into my heart and soul!  It is not the material world that will make you happy.  It is not the fancy car, the big house or the diamonds that will make your heart sing and your soul dance!  It is the simple act of being real each moment of each day and connecting deeply to your heart and soul, to wrap your arms around the deep love and compassion that surrounds your heart and soul!


It is to cry when you need to cry, to laugh when your heart laughs, to love those around you with all your heart and soul.  It is to reach out to the hearts of other people with such tenderness, such love, and such true compassion that they simply melt into your arms and two hearts become one heart, two souls become one soul!  It is this kind of love, this depth of being real and living from our hearts that will heal every soul we touch!  Today as you read each word from this heart and soul, will you let go of every mask?  Will you release your heart and soul to love with me, to dance with me, to laugh with me, to cry with me and to heal with me?


If we can love, laugh and dance with each other, we can heal this painful world together!  We can wash the hearts and souls of the people we know and love and the people we do not know who so deeply need our love!


It is time that we throw away every mask our societies have taught us we need to wear, for truly my dear souls, all we need is to be real, to be that little child and the soul we were born to be!!


With tenderness of the heart and soul!



(This article was written 4-11-14



This article has been developing in my heart for many days now.  The word Faith can be so big sometimes it is hard to wrap our arms around, but the word Faith is the same as the word Trust!  When I discovered that Trust was the same as Faith, it helped me so deeply.  I understood trust on a human level in my own heart and life.  Then we take the next word Blind!  Well, this is where my life is going so much deeper.  With almost all of the things I took security from over the last couple of years, I have had to let go of the life I knew before completely.  Now, I am learning more deeply to live in the present moment more so than ever before in my life, not really knowing what tomorrow may bring, but trusting in the Divine to guide my life moment to moment.  I do not need to know what today or tomorrow will bring.  I know the things I desire in my life.  Even with what I desire the greatest, I am learning to surrender it the most!


For example, things that did not work out at all like I thought they were going to, to realize that God has a better plan than what I could see last year, last month or even last week!  When we are not sure about today or tomorrow, we just need to relax and let the Divine guide our footsteps.  This is the deepest part to learn; to allow our minds to rest and stop trying to figure out everything in life, to release our struggles our strife, our fears and our doubts and just allow our heart to follow the divine heart of God!  To me, the whole goal in life is to become one with the Divine with no more worries, doubts or fears; just to melt into the oceans of compassion that is the Divine heart of God!  It is important to stop striving for things in life, to stop trying to force anything, to just relax and allow our heart to flow with the rivers of Divine love, patience, and compassion.  No matter what our need is or what our hearts desire, I have come to see it is all taken care of as we let go and relax, as we release our struggles to the hand of the Divine and simply work to love everyone and everything around us.  It is as we learn to live within the stillness of our hearts and souls that we will really begin to mature.


Living with Blind Faith and Trust does not just happen.  There are many aspects of life we have to develop as we mature.  For example, a healthy practice of prayer and meditation, to learn to connect to the divine soul within each one of us and to learn each day to stay grounded and work to maintain a healthy balance in life.  One of the greatest downfalls of mankind is living in extremes!  Today the world is full of extremes with so many different things.  Very rarely will we find peace and harmony when we swing back and forth in life from one extreme to another extreme.  It is important to keep life simple and not stay so busy all the time, to take time to smell the flowers, feel the wind on our face, and enjoy the beauty of people and nature.


True health and harmony is found with achieving a true balance within our hearts and souls, to focus on Divine compassion and healing, and then from this sacred place in our heart, we reach out to the hearts and souls of the people around us!  With our jobs we work in life, it is all about following our hearts to the service of the Divine love and compassion.  As I have surrendered to this reality, I find this blind faith is such a deep part of life.  There is truly no other way to live in this life.  We live and walk by faith with each breath we take, for we can be here in this moment and we can pass from this life to the next with our next breath!


Over the last year I have struggled so much with this deep blind Faith.  I have said to God so many times, “I just want to know what is going to happen with things in my life.”  Funny, each time I would always hear this response back, “Do not worry.  Just let go and have patience!  Relax and trust my plan for your life!”  This is not so easy, to live each moment when everything around you is being so painful! 


I read recently, if the “I” is giving you trouble, just let it go!  I have come to see this is what the root of the pain is; our human desires and weakness and our attachments to people and things in life, wanting to be in control!  So I am learning on such a deeper level to not make these deep attachments in my mind but to live freely from my heart and to let people be free to be who they want to be, to just love everyone as they are and not to put my expectations on anyone.


This also helps me to learn to be me and not let other people put their expectations on me, not to conform to what others want from me but to live with confidence and love from my own heart!  Then I will draw the people who will love me for who I really am and be able to let go of the people who really do not want to be in my life!  If someone truly loves you and wants to be in your life, they will make the time and effort to do so.  If they do not, then let them go and accept they do not want to be a part of your life.  I share all of this for it is a part of living with Blind faith and Trust!


So with deeper trust let us look to live from the heart of the Divine!


With much Love,

Aaron 1-10-14