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This page is a collection of articles I will be sharing on the website as my heart is moved to do so.  They each honestly apply to my own life and experiences in some way.  What we learn and how we grow all comes out in what we teach.  So from my experiences in life, the sufferings, joy and difficulties I face you will find deeply expressed in all that I have to share and give.  I hope you find some help and understanding in these pages.  I hope these heartfelt words will somehow bring deeper understanding and healing to your hearts and souls.

With deep tenderness and love!



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Aaron Pierson
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"You express your feelings so well with great insight to the benefit of others!.....MAY YOUR KINDNESS DANCE AROUND THE EARTH, TOUCHING EVERY SOUL, THEN BE RETURNED TO YOU INCREASE A THOUSAND-FOLD.....T.B.



One of the greatest illusions that our Ego and our mind creates in life is the illusion that we are in Control of our lives and our destiny!  I agree we have a great responsibility in our lives and our destinies, but to think we are in complete control of our lives is to only deceive and delude ourselves!  Most of the time people feel the need to use the negative energy of control simply because they are afraid to let go and surrender to the Ocean of Love that will carry us to our destiny.  It does not start as an ocean but a small stream, then we can move to a river, and finally our destination is the vastness of the ocean!  As we move through each step in our life to grow and mature, then we can let go even more.  There is no limitation to the possibilities set before us.  We simply have to conquer our Ego and let go of the fears and selfishness that binds us to a life overpowered by negative energy.  When we become afraid as a human being, then we tend to become nervous, then irritated, and then it leads to anger, trying to create some kind of illusion of safety!


We build walls around our heart to protect us from getting hurt.  We build walls in our lives to protect us from getting hurt.  Then we try to filter as much as possible out of our lives that scare us.  If someone is too big and their energy makes us uncomfortable, our natural response is to run or to push them away, to try to create some distance so we can find some kind of peace.  We try to create a pain free environment.  This does not really exist in this world.  Instead, we need to learn to process fear, irritation, anger and such negative energy.  This means that as our hearts and minds become pure, we will not have any need for such negative energy.  As long as we feel the need to be in control of our lives and our surroundings, we cannot find any kind of true peace.  It is only has we surrender to the flow of love and truth in our daily lives that we will find the confidence to release and let go of the negative energy of control.


We do not need to build up these walls and false security to feel safe.  What we need to do is turn ourselves to the divine sense of truth and love.  It is through this daily development of pure energy that we will find real peace and the presence of something greater in our lives than our own desires and our Ego to get in the way!


It is as we face our fears and conquer them that we really will find peace that nothing can take from us.  No matter how great the turmoil in life, we will find nothing can shake us or cause us to lose our balance and grounding.  We need to turn away from fear and turn to courage, wisdom and compassion in the moment of our deepest turmoil, never to panic but to always to remain calm and peaceful!


If you can come to really see how great the master illusion of Control is, then you have won half of the battle already!


Meditate deeply on this.  Let go of what you cannot change in life.  Trust in love to guide you and for truth to open your eyes to your heart!  It is your heart you must follow and listen to, not the realm of your mind.  This is where you find the selfishness of your Ego.  The Ego has the constant need to feel in control.


So let us move into the deeper realm of the spiritual world of divine truth and love, for the purity of truth will open the eyes to your spirit and awaken the depths of your heart and soul!  So release the illusion that you or I are in control of anything, for we truly are not!  There is something much greater than you and I leading the universe!


With hope of deeper freedom!

Aaron   2-24-12




How do we find complete freedom from all negative energy and freedom to love unconditionally??


This is a deeply powerful question that so many are asking all over the world!  When you have accomplished this, then you see the answer is very simple.  The process one goes through to actually accomplish this is not so simple but rather intense and deeply painful at times.


We have to learn to let go of everything in life and not to hang on to things so tightly.  We have to learn to embrace all the changes in life and not to panic or get angry when things do not go as we planned.  We have to learn to allow the changes to come in our lives peacefully and not to try to control everything so tightly.  There are so many little things in life that we can do to just let go yet people will fight to the last drop of energy to try to keep the illusions they have created from falling apart!


It is also about learning not to attach to people and things in life too deeply from a place of our Ego and mind.  Our attachments have to be pure.  When we love from a pure place, then we do not try to control people.  We will allow them the freedom to make their own choices in life, even if we know the choices they are making are deeply negative and will affect them on a negative level for years to come.  I have gone through this with my children.  Some of them have made some very unwise choices at a very young age that will clearly affect them in a negative way for many years to come.  I have had to give them space to learn from these choices the lessons life is and will teach them.  We have to be willing to do this with anyone, to detach and draw back giving them the space they need to grow and mature.  We cannot live anyone’s life for them.  Neither can we be responsible for any negative choices they make in life.


We can work to love each other completely unconditionally, to respect and honor each other completely.  This is the Essence of any healthy relationship.  It is in this surrendering to the pure divine love that brings us the freedom to be of complete honor, integrity, and purity.  So what is it we have to surrender to accomplish all of this?


It is our Ego and the Essence of our Ego we have to surrender, which are the selfish desires of our heart, mind and soul.  We have to be willing to give up what makes us hard and uncaring to other people!  We have to become a true servant to humanity in every way we possibly can.  We have to open up and become the beautiful soul we were born to be!


With grace to be who we need to be!

Aaron  2-25-12




Rejection is a very powerful negative force in the Essence of darkness.  This can bring very powerful and strong people down to their knees.  It is used mainly to manipulate people and control to bring the desired outcome to someone’s life.  Rejection is used to inflict pain on people’s souls to gain power over them.  People also carry this spirit of rejection in their lives and it is used to make them feel very negative about themselves.  They subconsciously do things negatively, which get people to reject them.  This then reinforces a deep self-destructive behavior in people’s souls.  Most people never get past this simply because they can never really open their heart to true love and allow a healing to take place deep in their subconscious.  This is from events in this life from childhood and events in past lives.  It takes a connection with someone who is very deeply connected to the Divine love to help them to get past this self-reliance on the negative forces and the self-destructive behavior that goes along with this deep rejection!  People are so used to creating conflict and having this as a driving force in their lives, that when someone comes along who really deeply loves them, it is so unknown to them to truly be loved, that they will continually reject this pure love simply because they feel deeply unworthy to receive such pure devoted love.  So it is a long process to help someone to learn to receive deep pure love when they are so deeply wounded.


It takes such great patience to walk through this process with someone that you must have a deeply pure heart and a great amount of divine love for the soul you are trying to help!  You truly have to be completely devoted to not only pure love, but it has to be completely unconditional as well.  Without this unconditional part of the love, it is neither pure nor divine!  If you put conditions on love, then it is not pure divine love.


When someone is this deeply wounded, what they are trying to do through their negative reactions is to get you to reject them.  This then reinforces their lack of worth and then they hate themselves even more.  This is why it takes a deeply mature soul to really be able to bring healing to other people and to work these issues out of them from a deep subconscious level!  It is not just something you can talk to them about.  You also have to be willing to fast, pray and sacrifice deeply of your heart and soul for them.  In some ways, you have to love them more than you love your own life, for you cannot be selfish with a soul like this, even a little bit, for in reality, they are looking for any small reason they can find to reject you and your love for them.  This is in the beginning of your relationship with them and can sometimes last for many months or even years.


Once you have proven to them you love them completely, once they see you are not going to hurt them, once they feel you really would die for them, they will also come to see how much pain you have suffered just to help them to find the freedom to love themselves and to finally really love you as well.  Once you break through all the many walls they have developed to protect themselves, once you have been able to prove completely to the little child inside of them how deeply you love them and care for them, then in the end this person will love you completely and finally surrender to the work you are doing trying to help them to find the freedom to really love and be free of all the negative energy they have been chained to!


This spirit of rejection is a powerfully dark force who has so many people so deeply chained into a complete cycle of negative abuse they build so many types of illusions to protect themselves from anything they see as a threat that might harm them in any way!  The real key is to never give up on them.  Sometimes you have to walk away and let them grow and be ready to go deeper and be ready for when they are ready to allow you to help them more.  The rewards you will find with a soul who is so deeply wounded when they finally find the love to heal them, it is an amazing love you can share with a soul who you have helped to become free.


Also you have to be able to take the deep rejection this person will inflict upon your heart and soul they will do some deeply painful things to you, trying to get you to leave them, or to test you to see if you are real and do truly love them.


So take to heart this negative force of rejection.  It is not something to be taken lightly.  It can even bring death to a person’s body.  People do take lightly all the negative forces in the world.  They are and can be very powerful.  This is why it is so important that we completely surrender to the vast oceans of pure love so that the negative energy can find no place in our heart, soul, nor our mind as well!


With harmony we look to be free!

Aaron       2-26-12




One of the deepest negative attributes that I see people display in their lives today is laziness.  This applies to everything and every area in life.  In the U.S.A., it is extremely difficult to find anyone who wants to work or they want to show up and receive a pay check but do absolutely nothing for it.  We have the aspect of people driving a car but never checking the oil in the car.  Or a rototiller, motorcycle or any other machine that runs on oil but they are too lazy to simply check the oil and see if it needs more so then the motor burns up simply because they are too stubborn or lazy to listen to someone who says, “Check the oil before you use the rotor tiller!  Make sure it always has plenty of oil before you use it.”


It is the same for our hearts and souls.  People are for the most part too lazy and too stubborn to listen to someone who knows what they are talking about.  I do not claim to know everything, but what I do know, I know very well.  It is not very often I am wrong about something spiritually.  When I tell someone you really need to do this or you really should not do this, 99% of the time my intuition is correct.  I have close friends who will tell me you are always right, yet when I try to tell them they should not do what they are planning, they simply do it anyway and it turns out very bad for them; like burning up a very expensive rototiller just because they were too lazy and stubborn to check the oil like I asked them too.  This makes it very difficult for me at times since it always affects me in a negative way.


I find it is a great travail on my soul to be responsible for so many people and to teach and help so many people.  It is much easier if they will listen and take to heart the things I try to teach them, which in turn is to prevent harm to themselves or someone else.


We have to be very teachable, humble, and willing to admit we do not know very much in the big picture.  The problem is most people think they already know everything and no one can really teach them much since they do not have a teachable spirit!  So what is the lesson?


Well it is said when the student is ready the Guru comes.  This does not mean the student will listen to everything!  First, the student must learn they are just a little child and do not really know very much.  This can be very difficult for them to learn when they are used to teaching others or they simply have a larger Ego or they have a problem being told what to do.  So sometimes as a teacher, life can be very difficult and frustrating at times.


It is necessary to have great love and patience as we work to become deeper in this life, truth and love.  We have to be someone who will do no harm to another soul.  We have to become someone who will not judge anyone.  This is a very negative attribute to condemn and judge other people.  This comes from having an attitude of superiority and a deep self-righteous spirit.  As we become more mature, we will not allow such attitudes to exist in our hearts!  We have to find this place of unconditional love.


So the whole point here in this article is to help you see that if you allow any place of laziness to exist in your heart and soul, you will not mature to become a soul who will do no harm, nor will you find unconditional love for others.  So we each have to work to put out any place of laziness within our heart and soul!


It takes great discipline to become free of negative energy!


With discipline to seek deeper truth,

Aaron  2-27-12




This is truly a deep awareness as we come to see this truth and embrace its effects in our lives!  So many things happen in our lives on a daily basis that test us and push us way beyond what we think we can bear!  It is very seldom a day goes by in my life that something is not causing me to feel great pressure, stress and the need to meditate and go much deeper.  For example, my thoughts at times of great travail are, “I do not think I can take much more of this,” whatever this may be at the current time.  Then as I pray and seek a deeper peace, balance, wisdom, patience, and many other needed virtues, I find I can take more and I find a deeper peace.  Today has been such a day.  So many things are pulling and pushing on me, trying to rob me of my peace and sanity.


It is the job of the negative forces to get you to react to something in a negative manner.  It is our job and the purpose of true love to help us to go deeper at each needed moment, for us to remember, all things happen for a reason.  I know this and try to remember this all the time.  But when things get rough, and they do get this way all the time, they can get rough, deeply difficult, and I tend to forget this truth that all things happen for a reason.  Then as I pray and seek wisdom, I find my heart will remind me all things happen for a reason!  All things!!


I try not to look at anything in life as good or bad anymore.  I try to only look at things as good or difficult, for each has a purpose in the dealings of our heart and soul!  The good is to encourage us and help us to open our heart to a deeper love.  The difficult breaks us open and helps us to open our heart in ways we cannot do on our own!  It is the greater purpose of these difficult things in life to humble our hearts and to take us deeper in the virtues of love.


As I take to heart this deep truth, all things happen for a reason, then I am able to better stay neutral and seek the purpose and the lesson I am supposed to learn from whatever has happened.  For without the difficulties in life, we would not have the challenges we need to grow.  It is like training for any sport.  You have to push yourself to become better.  Well it is the difficulties in life that push us to grow and become a better person.  That is not to say I really like all these difficulties.  I am still human and find myself in deep despair at times trying to find a deeper love and peace to handle the new and greater challenge that is set before me today, for they do seem to become deeper, bigger and greater challenges as we go along our path.


Think about it this way.  As we grow and mature, it does take more to help us to grow.  For example, what it would take to challenge a third grade student who is eight years old would not be too much really, but what it would take to challenge a well-studied college professor would be a great deal more.  We are all in different places in our lives, at different levels of maturity, so it takes different degrees of challenges for each of us to grow.  If we always look at it in these terms, then we can embrace the difficulties as a tool in life to help us to become better, deeper, and more mature!  So let us look at all things in life and remember everything happens for a reason!


We just have to keep an open heart to see what the reason may be!


With a heart seeking patience!

Aaron  2-28-12



We each must learn to surrender to the gentle but powerful currents of love.  There is a vastness that people cannot see or understand about the purity and power of true love.  When I find a single soul who has the potential to find this deep purity of love, I will not ever give up on them or give up on the love that will set them free.  It is in this true love for another person’s soul that they can see, no matter what, you will not give up on them.  You can, at times, and need to, at times, walk away and let the power of love help them in many ways.  Sometimes a person may come to a wall in their heart and they just do not want to go any deeper or surrender any more.  At this point, you have to let them go and let them see what it is like without this true power of love.  There is a magical power about true love.  There is something deep within the heart and soul of a person who just will not ever be happy until they find this true love!


Honestly, I am one of these people.  I found my one true love and I am fighting daily for her to be free to love completely without any limitations.  The darkness and negative energy is constantly binding people so deep in chains simply by promising them all the things they lust after.  If you truly love money and riches, they are really not that hard to find.  It just takes a driven desire to seek them and riches of material wealth you will have.  I know from my own life, but when I found the riches, all I found was such a deep emptiness.  I just cried and cried.  I was so miserable.  This is when I started to hear the voice of my Father talking to me.  He told me if I would allow him to teach me, he would show me what would really make me happy!  Well, what I found was the true source of divine power.  It is all summed up in pure truth and pure love!  When we set our hearts on true love and purity, we can never go wrong.  With the difficulties in life, it does not matter how many times we get knocked down, it only matters how many times we get back up!  It only matters how many times we stand back up, brush off the dirt, and start to fight again.  If you are a soul who will never quit and never give up on your dreams, goals, and most important to never give up on love, you can never be conquered by anyone or anything in this life!


It is by believing completely in the power of true love that nothing will ever be able to defeat you!  I do mean a love that you are willing to die for!  I have known this kind of love for my children and a few close friends.  In the past few months, I have come to know this love on a so much deeper level than I have ever seen or even read about anywhere before.  I have come to know a love for someone that I would die for in any way, for any reason.  One in which, I would put this person above anything else in my life, even my own children.  A love so deep it stirs me to the very core of my heart and soul.  I have had to fight for this love so deeply that I came close to death through prayer and fasting to find the freedom to unlock a deeper love within my own soul to be able to share with this one soul whom I found such a deep love with.  A love that goes beyond anything of the mind to a deep sacred place of the heart and soul!


People do not achieve their goals and hearts desires many times in life simply because they do not have the courage to fight until they win, to never give up, to never tap out as they say, but to fight until the brutal end and until you have found the victory to bring life to your own heart as well as those who you love deeply!  So when you think you cannot take any more, when you think you are done and defeated, this is when you need to get back up and fight a little bit more and a lot harder until you see the victory is near.  Do not give up!  Do not quit!  You have to trust in something bigger than yourself and bigger than our limited minds!  The vastness of the ocean’s pure truth and pure love is the most powerful force in the entire universe!


So no matter what, do not ever give up on love and seeking the power of truth and love!


With hope in love!

Aaron          3-2-12