This is a picture a friend created for me of all all nine of my books, which will soon be available on Amazon in e-book and printed book form.  It has taken twenty years to write all of these.  I am looking forward to their being available to people more easily!

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We all seem to lack something in life.  We all seem to be searching for this elusive happiness that we have trouble finding.  It is one thing or another, but we all know something is missing.  We want to find peace, harmony, and balance in life, but how do we do this?

Many people around the world claim to have the answers!  At one time in my life, I did some traveling seeking out some of these people who claimed to have the answers in life.  What I was sad to find in all of the people I met was an illusion of truth, peace, balance and harmony.  I could see that they had read many good books and were teaching from their mind something they had read in a book, but they lacked this true peace, harmony and balance within themselves.  They simply could not put into practice in their daily lives what they were teaching, so I knew they would be of no help to me.  Basically, I completely turned my focus inward and to the true Divine source and only real peace.

I spent years shut away from people and have lived much like a monk, moving from one place to another.  First was within America and then traveling around the globe until I have settled in Thailand where I feel my heart and desire to seek out the deeper truth of God and the spiritual world are more welcome and widely accepted.  The work is up to you and me to open our hearts to find peace and real happiness.  This is what I offer each of you; a real, practical, daily application with real solutions to these difficult questions as well as simple examples to help you understand everything I share.  Here is one short example.

All forms of cancer are nothing but negative energy that is locked up in a person's heart and soul.  If we seek out the root cause of this cancer and eliminate it, clear it out of the heart, then the body will follow and heal.  We have to exercise, eat well and seek to live with love, compassion and kindness.  One of the greatest root causes to most cancers is Anger!  All sickness and diseases are caused by negative energy that has found its way into our lives.  We can say we are what we eat, but it is the same with toxic energy.  It brings death to our entire being.

We are truly in the greatest time period of healing, shifting, shaking and awakening, I feel in the entire history of mankind.  Each man, woman, or child has an amazing potential for good, compassion, healing, light and love!  We also have an equal potential for death, destruction and darkness.  It is for each of us individually to choose our path and follow our destiny.  Some of us have been given a part to play in helping others to grow and heal.

I see all the darkness in the world today, the death, despair and suffering of humanity.  We have to become the solutions we so desire.  We have to become the healers we are looking for!  We have to become the light, love and compassion humanity is in such need of.  Each moment we are faced with a clear choice in life.  It is what we do and choose each moment that defines who we are and defines our role in this lifetime.

We have to learn to harness the power of our spiritual being and not allow other people to take this away from us.  We need to learn not to allow ourselves to be a door mat or a punching bag for anyone and not allow other people to define who we really are, but rather have the courage to become all we can be in line with our true destiny for healing humanity.  If we allow fear, anger, jealousy, envy, bitterness, resentments, hate, prejudice, and other such negative things to define us, then we are lost in the swamp waters of the lower human nature.  It seems today, the animals are showing deeper compassion for each other than humans are for other humans at times.

You will find in my books, when I speak, when I seek healing for someone, it is with one Divine purpose; to help people to awaken to living with compassion, love and Humility on a daily basis and to find true peace, harmony  and balance in life.  These are not just empty words from some book I read or some seminar I attended but words written from my own real life experiences and many lifetimes of brokenness, suffering and education.  It is when we live truth, love, compassion, wisdom and understanding in every thought, action and word we speak that we can reach deep into the spiritual world and make extremely deep changes to the world around us.  When all these attributes are found in oneness with our inner spiritual being, it no longer is something we try to be or do but it is naturally part of us, just like breathing, with a purpose to unite the world's light workers in a deeper place of Humility, not seeking self-glorification, but rather being happy to live in the shadows and not have to be famous, rich with money or a subject of worship for other people.

it is not about you or me!  It is about the beauty of each individual soul we can touch on a deep spiritual level and truly help them to heal from the core of who they are.  We can then gather together in the spiritual realms to shift the energy in our planet today to bring healing and order in this world of chaos!

May we lay down our egos to be one with the Divine flow of God's creative energy of love.  A truly Gentle soul will be the strongest, the wisest, a warrior, and the most mature soul you will ever find, for this soul will have no fear of death and will always have the courage to face the negative forces in life and protect the children and people who cannot protect themselves!

Seeking healing for our hearts and our planet!




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