About Aaron

I would like to share a little about myself to help some of you to understand my heart somewhat deeper.  I am currently living in Pattaya, Thailand.  This has been where my heart has led me too.  I have found a deep healing for myself in this small modest and secluded place.


First let me say I do not base my life and my world on the value of money or material objects in any way.  I measure myself and other people simply by the maturity or lack of maturity of their heart and soul.  I do not judge anyone or look down upon them.  I simply seek to understand people for who they are.  I work to reach down deep in everyone’s soul and help them with whatever they need to help them grow and open their heart.  I see each person as a little child and look at how the little child views the world and the people around them.  It is not for me to judge anyone.  I am simply to love them and seek to help them in any way I can.  I focus deeply on my own needed growth each day and I do not blame anyone if I have a problem that I need to work on.  It is for me to fix the areas of growth that I need.  It is only me who can change me!  We cannot depend on other people to make changes in our own heart for it is only us who can make these needed changes to ourselves!


I enjoy spending time with animals of almost any kind.  They help us to grow and become closer to the divine love.  I love to be in the mountains, by the river or the beach, all to draw closer to love and find a deeper grounding!  Right now I am spending a lot of time fasting and trying to prepare my heart to spend more time teaching and helping other people.  I know my time is coming to spend more time all around the world, sharing and teaching those who are ready to learn about the deeper truths and love there are to be found if we will just let go of our Ego. 


I also have an extensive business background.  I have started many companies and currently own a few different companies based in Texas.  I have owned and operated different businesses since I was nineteen years old.  I have learned deeply about people and life through my contacts and experiences in business, plus all the intimate time I have spent with animals has taught me so much and has helped me to be able to see so deeply into the nature of the human heart.


As an intuitive healer, meditation teacher, counselor, and author, I have had years of first-hand experience in each of these areas.  My grandmother was an intuitive healer as well.  This was my first experience as a young child to watch her in these areas, though I believe we are honestly born into the path we are destined to follow.  So this for me is a work to follow my destiny and to help others to find the path and journey of their destiny.


I am willing to go wherever love may lead me, to be of service to those who are ready to find the true Essence of life.  I feel it is my vast life experience and depth of heart that has prepared me for the path that is set before me.  I look forward to hearing from you and hope to encourage you on your journey!


So with all of this said, please feel free to reach out and let us see where this life may lead us!


With deep love and devotion!


I believe Aaron is a very ancient soul sent here to learn more deeply how to create an environment of pure love.  He has for many years taught the essence of love and truth.  The energy he sends and shares with others is very deep, tender and yet at the same time very powerful.  I have walked with him and shared in his daily life for many years and watched him grow and mature in many areas of his life.  I have seen firsthand many healings from illness with his love touching others.  It is all very real with Aaron.  There are no masks that Aaron hides behind.  There is no pretending to be a master or great teacher.  He is deeply concerned with helping others to grow and mature to find the place of walking in peace and pure love.  He truly cares for little else in life except deep pure love, respect and honor.  It is with this as a foundation that he seeks to share this message of healing and pure love in each of his books.  He has gone to deep lengths to prepare himself and daily continues to move deeper into the vast oceans of love he is seeking to give each person he comes into contact with.


It is through this deeply pure love and energy that he has expressed the simple but powerful truths in his books.  In the many years I have walked with him, I have been able to watch his pure devotion to love and healing of his soul and others whom he may touch each day.  I have also watched how he handles the hardships and tragedies in his life, always seeking to embrace the simple fact everything happens for a reason and we must embrace all things to seek a positive result!  If you have the opportunity to meet him or attend one of his classes, I think you will find the same true love and healing power that I have seen all these years!


With hope for the growth of pure love!






I remember when I first met Aaron Pierson.  I was standing behind him waiting to talk to him while he was talking to a few other people.  He sensed that I was behind him and he stopped talking, just to introduce himself to me.  He invited me to eat lunch with him and I remember feeling so honored to be eating at the same table as him.  He was not like anyone I had ever met before.  He was real.  He didn’t just talk about Love, he lived it.


I have known Aaron for almost eight years and I have never met anyone more devoted to growing and becoming better every day.  He is constantly trying to seek a deeper place of peace and love in his life.  He has tasted a lot of heartache and pain in his life, but he embraces it and it has given him a true tenderness in his heart.  His wisdom is well beyond his years and he lives a life of peace, love, respect and honor. 

Even though I am not his son, he is like a father to me.  He has taught me about the true meaning of Love and the value of Life.  He has helped me more than I could ever put into words.  I would recommend reading any of his books if you are searching for more love and understanding in your life.

Seth Armstrong