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We are each living in a time of great transition and transformation, which is desperately needed in our lives and world today!  I think our world has gone through many times of living in the dark ages and we have been in just such a dark time for many years!  I believe we are in a time of Great Awakening to the Essence of true Love and Compassion!  We are in such need of human beings who will dedicate and devote themselves to the maturing of the human heart and soul, to live our lives deeply devoted to helping the world and people to heal, to change and to awaken to the deep needs of humanity, the deep need for a true Humility and compassion of the heart and soul!


I know for me, I have gone through so much brokenness, pain and sorrow in my life, with many near death experiences, yet everything has had one purpose in my life; to simply awaken me, mature me, to create Divine humility within my heart as well to create a deeply compassionate heart within me!  I have but one true goal in this life; to become the most compassionate tender man I can possibly become.  I desire to devote the rest of my life to sharing this deep compassion with others and to help as many people as I possibly can learn to live from a place of true compassion from their heart, to live in this present moment, not the past pain or the future dreams, but rather the reality of here and now, this present moment, with each breath we take!


Why are we here in this life?  What is the true purpose of life?  Honestly, it is found in seeking to live in the present moment, finding the wisdom, humility, harmony, balance and grounding to live with compassion for ourselves and those around us; to learn to live our lives with the focus of serving others with compassion.  This Divine love and compassion is our true focus in life, not storing up material wealth in our lives, but storing up an abundance of tenderness, love and compassion.  This website, as well as my books, articles and healing work, is completely devoted to the birthing and awakening of the Divine Compassion in our lives and world.


I am currently living in Pattaya, Thailand.  You may contact me if you wish to further develop the connection with your heart and the Divine source of all love, light and Compassion!


You would also be welcome and will be deeply blessed to attend one of my Healing retreats when they begin here in Thailand.


With Much Love and Compassion,




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We invite you to view Aaron's current video available to view on YouTube called Compassionate Living.  Aaron talks about living a compassionate and balanced life.


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Aaron Pierson